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Pump! is an underwear company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.  Pump! Underwear combines sports, fun fashion trends and daring ideas into underwear. Pump! loves to keep their demographic open so that they can appeal to all audiences with their underwear. They don’t acknowledge one particular demographic for their underwear, they do generally display a look revolving around youth, fitness and sports.

Pump! does make boxer briefs, briefs and jockstrap styles and they typically have very stylish designs with a lot of contrasting colors so that you can stand out in the crowd. Originally I thought Pump! did not make 6″ boxer briefs, but when I went to their website I found these Cooldown boxer briefs.

Based on feedback and requests from some readers to review Pump! underwear,  I searched and found that they were on sale – so I decided to buy 2 pairs (to get free shipping) and review it.

As a straight guy, I was a bit worried reviewing Pump! at first, since some would think that Pump! was not meant for straight guys.   If you are a long time reader of my reviews, you can see how open I am in describing my feelings with underwear.  I also have no concerns exposing myself to any men with any sexual orientation.  We all have the same parts and there is nothing to be shy about.  Big or small, we all protect our crown jewels.  My bottom line is that nobody abuses me or takes advantage of this mindset.  I will continue writing with this and expressing my feelings of the clothing I review.

Based on the research, I found some people asking the same question and in short, Pump! could be worn by men of any sexual orientation.  Also based on Pump! description in their About Us section, they specifically say that their underwear is for any demographic and really targeting youth, fitness and sports.

Enough said about demographics and the debate if Pump! is designed for a particular group of men.  At the end, I purchased 2 pairs and I will wear them until it’s time for them to go.  If you agree or disagree, please leave comments below – I would love to hear your feedback.



I feel that these boxer briefs are not as stylish as other collections. Pump! does say that these boxer briefs have a subtle tone and you can see that the treatment of the  waistband treatment. They offer 7 different colors in this Cooldown collection.  Red, White, Black, Sailor (black with white contrast), Military (green with black contrast), White/Red (red contrast) and Creamsicle (orange with white contrast).



In comparison to the Touchdown Panther boxers, these for less tighter. I’ll say they are well fitted – just right. They remain supportive of my package in any activity.  I wouldn’t say that I don’t feel wearing nothing as you should be able to feel the support of the pouch.  I would say it does feel cool.  You most likely would have to wear them pointing down and my average flaccid size already fills the pouch.  If you still want to where them pointing up or sideways expect to get out of the pouch or having to bend around.



Like the Touchdown Panther boxers, the construction is decent. There are some flaws out of the package and I have a photo of it. These are made with 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex, but I’m not 100% sure if they are missing another material. The dual layer pouch area seems to have a layer of cotton. The exterior material of the pouch is meshed, but the interior is definitely a different material.  Also the piping of the pouch also uses the mesh fabric.


Our Views:

I really enjoy wearing this pair of Cooldown boxers.  They definitely feel much better than the Touchdown collection that I recently reviewed. The fit and smooth fabric does make them feel premium.  The pouch area doesn’t have a separation between your sack and your thighs, but the piping seams help create the boundaries for your package. The interior fabric is soft and does help make it feel great.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the single bright color, does make your penis bulge is a bit showy even with the cotton like fabric should help reduce the showy of the shiny nylon fabric.

The legs do roll up a little, but does not cause any discomfort.  You’ll just need to adjust and pull them down if it gets to that point.

These boxers definitely will not stand out when you compare them to the other collections from Pump!. However, the red color is still very bright and eye catching. There subtle waistband brand doesn’t speak Pump! out of the gate.

There is definitely support. When being active, package was not bouncing around and you can feel the support in the bum and groin area. I would say that other active underwear does a better job in the 4 way motion, but this could do for most men.

As you can see, there is no fly so that you will have to go over the gate – which most readers according to our survey don’t go through the gate anyways.



Will I buy another one?  Yes




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