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Pump! is an underwear company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.  Pump! Underwear combines sports, fun fashion trends and daring ideas into underwear. Pump! loves to keep their demographic open so that they can appeal to all audiences with their underwear. They don’t acknowledge one particular demographic for their underwear, they do generally display a look revolving around youth, fitness and sports.

You can read additional feedback on the brand in other reviews since I have reviewed a bunch of Pump! underwear.



I don’t like wearing briefs because I do have a lot of hair in the public area and briefs expose a lot of the hair and manscaping is a lot of work especially when the hair goes so low onto my thighs.  This pair of briefs are very classic and doesn’t have anything special to them.  However, the Pump! design studio did add their touch to a standard pair of classic briefs.  The front pouch is cotton and solid, while the back panel is meshed that allows air to flow in and out.

They come in white and black only and it’s great for the everyday man.



I do find that this pair of briefs attempt to keep around your legs and have a more snug feel.  I wouldn’t say that they are tight and do not feel comfortable.  Pump! seems to have tighter fits for most of their underwear and the leg opening does stretch.

I took some photos for pointing my boys up and down, so you can reference how it will fit on you.  You can read my flaccid size so you can reference it yourself.  Guys who are well endowed at flaccid would need to wrap around or stick out of the waistband.



Like the other Pump! underwear I review, the construction is decent.  The front pouch area is made out of cotton and the back is made with Nylon.  The breakdown is 64% Nylon, 19% Cotton  and 17% Spandex.  I assume the front is the cotton + Spandex and the back is the nylon + Spandex combination.


Our Views:

As all other Pump! underwear, they seem to be a bit on the tighter side.  This pair is not overly tight, and it doesn’t feel bad or any discomfort.

The front cotton is considered thick since most underwear use dual layer fabric in the pouch area and I don’t feel a dual layer here.  It’s possible they just made the fabric a bit thicker.  There is also no fly for guys who go through the gate.

Similar to other Pump! underwear, I did feel that my package was a bit sweaty.  Similar to the Varsity Boxer, my penis and sack were sticking together when I pulled it out to pee.  Apologies for being so graphic in the paragraph.

The fabric is smooth and high quality which makes it feel premium.  The back mesh fabric is very nice.  Pump! does know how to make mesh fabric.  They are exactly the same as the Ninja Jockstraps I reviewed before.

Since these are briefs, there is no worries of the legs rolling up.  I did sometimes feel the leg opening was a bit tight when I pull the briefs a bit higher (wedgie feeling) but does not cause any discomfort.

The Pump! waistband is standard and is not the softest available.  As all Pump! underwear, their waistband does make a strong statement .

Overall, I like the classic design and sometimes going back to the basics is great.  Briefs are great for people who sit down all day since there is no fabric bending or chafing your thighs.  The black fabric is boring, but the strong white waistband just makes it look great. This definitely will not catch people’s eyes at the gym change room, but enough to make a strong statement.



Will I buy another one?  Yes.




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the point up is soooooo HOT


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