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Pump! says that the access trunks gives you freedom. It gives your package the ability to hang naturally with a soft touch, cotton interior and exterior micro mesh cup. It gives you a hybrid type of underwear where the access trunks is a hybrid of a trunk and a jockstrap.



Pump! underwear has always been colorful and definitely give you the sense of sport with fun fashion trends and daring ideas. This pair uses navy, red and white combinations to create this interesting pair of trunk. From the front, the red micro-mesh is bright, which a darker navy blue mesh fabric and a piped lines in the white piece giving it some great style.

Guys who like conservative colors, would need to choose the darker color designs like the Switch or Military versions. However, the switch version uses a bigger mesh fabric which shows more skin – so the conservative you may not choose this design. If you don’t like colorful underwear, Pump! only has a few designs/patterns that will work for you.



I’ve always felt that Pump! underwear are always on the tighter side. This pair is no different, when putting them on, they snug nicely onto my skin and keeps everything in place. I find that pointing my penis up makes the pouch feel better and less tight, but if I point down, I feel the pouch holding it all together. Pointing down does give you the nicer red bulge, but because of the tighter or smaller pouch, you may want to consider the reposition.

The open back does give you a lot of freedom and that is why it’s called an access trunk. A trunk based underwear with easy access to the back. I wish they gave the front a little bit of easier to access – like a horizontal fly would give easy access to the assets.



On the Pump! website, they only mention that this pair is made with Nylon. I had to pull down the underwear while writing this review to see the actual composition of the fabrics. These are made with 85% Nylon and 15% Elastane and the lining made is made with 94% Cotton and 6% Elastane. Thumbs up to Pump! for providing the lining composition as previously they don’t say that they use cotton, but they have a piece of cotton in the cup area to absorb any leakage.


Our Views:

I’ve reviewed a few pairs of jockstraps and loved them for working out at the gym or doing something that requires a lot of motion or just produces a lot of heat. The opening of the back allows air to keep my back dry and reduces the push and pull of fabric. The straps also lifts the butt a bit and keeps it in place and gives it some support. I do admit that I don’t have the best looking butt and have a lot of skin stretches, but the opening for me is not for others to admire, but more of a usefulness when doing intensive motions.

Back Opening
I personally won’t wear these for everyday wear and the opening of the back is great, but it’s not great if you have a bad day or an upset stomach. Any residue that is not cleaned off potentially goes onto the inner side of the pants and it is just not that great. That is why most underwear have a backing to allow unwanted stuff to stay on the underwear and not somewhere else. A backless underwear does take time to get use to. For some guys, the opening is great and it reduces the need to pull the underwear down to enjoy. I also feel that if I had to do #2, I didn’t have to pull down the underwear, but I have never tried it before. I still worry that the underwear will get dirty.

I really wish they will create a U shape pouch so that my sack can sit into it and not just the white pipe that keeps your assets within the pouch area. I found if I do squats, the sack could fall outside of the pipe and when you stand up, the balls force themselves back into the pouch. The underwear is tight and it could be a bit painful if that occurs. With a U shape pouch, that will keep the sack in place so that it won’t fall below the piping.

The interior cotton fabric is great for absorbing any leakage or pre-cum, but it also makes the underwear feel a bit hotter. I prefer the Ninja jock that I review before that had a single layer of mesh fabric that allow more air to flow through to keep the assets cooler. However, a single layer of mesh fabric does show off the assets a bit more, while the cotton layered pouch hides the assets. I guess it depends if you are the one who wants to give more imagination or just wants the underwear to soak up things.

Guys who are well endowed will properly not want this pair of underwear. The pouch is tight for large guys, unless you want that wrap around tight feeling. As an average man, I feel that pointing up it’s comfy and pointing down I feel the pressure to keep the assets in place. The pouch does stretch a bit allow larger packages to still fit, but the limited size does impact the comfort level.

The 40mm waistband is in bright red and is very eye catching. For those who likes to show off their waistband, this is a great pair to do so. The materials are shiny and soft enough to feel great in them. They are stitch together like other Pump! underwear where the back is folded into a 2 layer waistband and stitched together. I do not feel any issues with this method, and it does look better than a normal waistband that are just stitched together. Since there is no backing fabric, the waistband tend to ride up a bit if you wear them and might need to adjust them.

There is no riding of the legs on this underwear, but I did find the straps around the legs left imprints on my skin. It does mean that the underwear is tight and it wrap around the body to hold things together.


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Will I buy another one? Yes, it’s a comfy pair of trunks that gives the jockstrap feeling and great for the gym. I won’t buy it for everyday wear, but for the gym or a hot afternoon.




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