PUMA Tech Boxer Briefs
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This pair of PUMA Tech Boxers are extremely lightweight and have some semi-compression feel. They are great for folks with an active lifestyle who loves to enjoy sports.



There are lots of different colours with this model of PUMA boxers. I have included the boring black – which is shiny and smooth, and have included a PUMA logo patterned (white and blue). I also have some red, black with patterns and others with different puma colours. I would say that PUMA has considered all taste with the offering of different colours and patterns. There is no working fly, so you will have to go over the gate on these.



These are semi-compress briefs, but I would say they are on the lighter side. You don’t feel that compression on your thighs and the pressure on your boys. They fit quite well. There is a very well made pouch which is vertically seamed that helps support your boys.



The material is very smooth and shiny. The combination of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex does allow the high degree of movement and stretch. There is also a soft knit lining inside (you can see it very clean with the PUMA logo patterned photos). The flat lock stitching prevents any chaffing and the waistband is soft.


Our Views:

The material is light and barely noticeable. It does well with wicking away your sweat and keeps you cool. There is no working fly, but I don’t think it matters much as I don’t use it that often. It keeps my boys in place. It does make you feel that you are not wearing underwear, but still be able to have the support it gives. With the colours available, some colours will create a great looking bulge which some may consider sexy. My boys sweat a lot, but these are good at wicking away the sweat and keep them cool.  There are times where you will notice shafting between the thigh and your package – it occurred when I was walking up the stairs.



If you are a guy who goes the gym often or sweat a lot down there, these are some good pair of boxers. They keep you cool and good value. You have the option to buy 1 pair of premium underwear with a pouch or buy a pack of 3 of these PUMAs. In fact, I think I have 9 pairs of these PUMA boxers in my basket.

Will I buy again:  YES


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