PUMA Ribbed Classic Fit Tank
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PUMA well known as a sports oriented brand mainly supporting football (soccer in America). As a clothing brand, it does sell a wide range of clothing for the active you. It’s funny that I could not find a single pack of undershirts on their ecommerce site. Many men wear undershirts, but a lot of guys don’t even think that undershirts are an essential part of their wardrobe. I think it’s very important because it’s the closes piece of fabric that touches your upper body and if they don’t fit right, you would have a bad day. If you sweat a lot, you defintely would understand the benefits of an undershirt. There are many types of undershirts, and depending on the person, they would prefer a V-neck, crew or athletic undershirt. There are also man who go commando in the upper body! 😂



For many, styling for undershirts don’t matter much because you may be the only person who will see wearing it. Think about your partner or your girlfriend? They may see it and may even help you take them off. Some other guys will actually wear them during the summer months when it gets too hot. Tanks or Athletic Shirts (A-Shirts) do not have much style. They also have alot of bias when guys where these shirts – some may consider you a wife beater… I hope not. So this PUMA classic fit undershirt doesn’t look that much different from many undershirts. The only difference is the PUMA cat logo on the bottom left.



This classic fit shirt fits quite well. It doesn’t feel that it’s overly snug to the body, but it’s definitely not loose. The arm pit area is size well – just enough coverage.



These are made with 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester and the stitching of these classic is good. I did notice that the shirts are not consistent in terms of stretch. I have a photo showing one shoulder is wider than the other. I counted the number of ribs and they are exactly the same, but when you look from far away, something is not right. The stitching is good and there is no loose ends. There is no rubbing feeling with the fabric which has a premium feel. The material is not as thick, but I would say decent – it’s not the thinnest shirt I’ve ever wore.


Our Views:

These shirts fit well and doesn’t give me a lot of discomfort. They do look a little thinner than I would expect since undershirt and design to absorb some sweat and protect whatever you are wearing. I actually wear these shirts at home during the hot summer times since I my arm pits sweats badly and these give my arm pits some great exposure to air. The fabric is soft and smooth to touch, so when you wear them, you shouldn’t feel that they are there.


I got these shirts off Amazon and it cost about $18 USD for 3 ($6 per shirt). At this price, I would say that they are comfortable, but I don’t feel that the PUMA logo improves them at all. I would say buying Jockey may give you similar experience. Will I buy them again? Maybe – I think it depends on the price.

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