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Private Structure is found in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1999. They do offer a range of underwear, clothing and swimwear.

Hybrid seems to be a very common word when it comes the automotive industry and is less with men’s underwear. This pair of Momentum Orange Harness Trunks is designed with a hybrid underwear in mind. It’s a harness, a trunk, some thong and some jockstrap design into one.



The style of this underwear is quite interesting. There is a cut out in the thigh which allow air to go through and not much to roll up. The back shapes with a thong, but also an opening creating an X shape opening.  The waistband has a large Private Structure logo in the front with a neon yellow line across the waistband.  The back is covered with a rubber organize patch with the Momentum branding.  The underwear uses a light blue outline and a navy fabric.

Thong Style
Thong Style
Jockstap style/Access Trunks
Jockstap style/Access Trunks


I did find these a bit smaller and tighter, but it is necessary to keep everything in place. The pouch seems smaller and guys with larger assets may find themselves may find their sack showing from the sides. The fabric does not stretch as much too.



Overall the construction is well made. The fabric is made with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. The contrast fabric is made with 95% cotton, 5% Spandex.


Our Views:

The reason why I bought this pair of underwear was to experience a hybrid designed underwear. Being a harness, a trunk, a thong and jockstrap was quite interesting to experience.

I did find the underwear is a bit daring and is definitely something different. Do you feel that they are sexy for your partner to imagine? I did find more freedom when moving around because of the cutouts in the inner thigh area allowing air to flow into and nothing restricting your movement. It’s similar to jockstraps and briefs that keeps the openness and allows you to sit down all day and not have the fabric creasing in the thigh. One downside is if you have a lot of hair down there, it doesn’t look good and you will need to do a lot of manscaping to keep things look clean. I wish I had less hair and would make things look more appealing.


I was concern with the back when it comes to comfort. I am a guy who do not like thong style underwear as I get wedgie feeling in your butt crack and it can cause a lot of discomfort.  I also have a lot of hair in the butt crack area that causes the pull of the hair when the fabric moves around. The added fabric to create the back design in fact helps a little by preventing the thong to dig too deep into the butt crack.  With that being said, it did still cause discomfort with the fabric between my butt crack.  If I stand up and walk around the underwear stays away from the crack, but once you sit down, it still goes into the crack and starts rubbing against the hair and rubs against the anal.  I found myself putting my hand down my butt to pull the thong part out my butt crack.



The pouch as previously mentioned seem to be a bit small. As a guy with a smaller side of average, I feel my public hair sticks out of the side lifting the pouch. If a larger package was placed into the pouch, I believe the sides will expose some of your package. The fabric of the pouch stretches a bit, but I wouldn’t say it’s stretchy enough. I put in a stress ball into the pouch and the fabric did not stretch enough, opening the sides and it’s possible that the sack could fall out and just hang naturally.

The pouch does not do well with unexpected moments. The pouch prevents the boner from growing causing discomfort and you do need to adjust by moving your guy to point up.  The low waist band also does not help as most guys will stick out of the waistband.  You can’t put it to the side as there is no fabric to support it, which means your penis will just stick out of the pouch.

There is no fly in this pair of trunks, but you don’t have to go over the gate, since you can open the pouch on the sides to pull your assets out to do your business.



The waist is thick and low on the waist and is very similar to jockstrap. Overall, the waistband is feels soft and up to standards.  The back has square orange rubber patch showing the collection’s design.  This does have a tag on the back, which could be removed or kept as it does not rub against the skin.



The leg facing the outer sides is fully covered with the contrast strips.  The inner leg area is open and only connected only at the lower opening. The inner side has a thinner string that wraps to the side, while the thick string does roll up a bit and can tangle around.  It does not create discomfort even when rolled up. In the photo, the thin strip is a bit lower than it should and the string should just sit below the butt and keep it supported.


Last thoughts

Overall, I do like this pair of underwear with the unique look.  It does force me to do some manscaping to make it look cleaner. The thong part still creates wedgies, but not as bad as other thongs.  When you look at the design it does feel that it’s a men’s bra.  When you put it on, it keeps assets in place so they don’t bounce around with some strings.  Do you feel your underwear acts the same as women’s bra?


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Will I buy another one? No – one is enough for this type of unique underwear.




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Mike L

I like Private Structure as a brand. I own a few pairs in the past, but they are of the more ‘traditional’ design. Very thorough review, George. I am not a jockstrap/thong guy; I dun think there is any occasion I would feel the need to wear these 😉

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike L

I think it’s very brave that you also show yourself here in unusual underpants. By the way, does your partner like this style? Does she find it’s sexy?

Tommy L

Love the confidence brother. She’s lucky to have someone so confident. Even with that thick band, it looks like you can pop right out of the top.

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