Pair of Thieves - SuperFit Boxer Brief $29 USD
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The style is a patterned in this pair of boxer briefs. The black and white colors are dull, but the patterns actually make the underwear a little more interesting. I personally don’t like wearing patterns in my underwear and I prefer more solid colors; however, patterns also provides us some benefits.  Patterns create more distraction so that your bulge or your penis line is less visible when you’re wearing them. It’s great for people who are shy to show off what they have and still be able to just wear underwear. But of course if you are the guy who loves patterns or something more sophisticated pattern underwear, this is definitely your choice. I personally prefer bright colors over pattern in my underwear.



The fit of this boxer briefs is a bit on a slim fit type. It’s not overly compressed to your body, but you do feel that that it needs to stretch a bit when you move.



The fabric is made out of 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex. It is fully meshed to allow air to go through and sweat to wick away.


Our Views:

This pair of boxer briefs are cool to touch and does not have a lot of special features to wow me on. It’s a great everyday pair that gives you the cool feeling at first and the mesh holes allow you to wick away sweat. The waistband is soft and the seams are stitched like most premium underwear.

They are slim fit so they do fit to your body a lot more than looser fit and the pouch area gives enough support to keep things in place.

Sometimes less complex is gold.



Will I buy another one? Maybe. There are alternatives at very similar in price.



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