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Obviously PrimeMan Trunks $30 USD
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Obviously Apparel is an Australian company that makes high-quality underwear and undershirts for men. Today we are reviewing the PrimeMan Trunks, which is the premium range of products by Obviously. They do have two additional collections which are targeted and price at different levels. The Everyman collection is designed for durability while maintaining the great comfort levels and stronger fabric to increase durability. The Freeman collection is the most economical collection which offers the same fabric as the Everyman collection, uses a different pouch called the AnatoFREE pouch. The pouch is slightly smaller than the AnatoMAX pouch.



This time I am writing a review on a trunk instead of a brief, the PrimeMan with AnatoMAX pouch. The trunk looks very nice. Nicely designed and not too exaggerated. The first thing you notice when you look at it is the large pouch. They look very comfortable and the material immediately feels good. The trunk is low waist and therefore has a fairly low fit. Something you see more and more in premium underwear is a label that is printed on the fabric. Obviously does that too. Here you can find the size and the material used. Obviously has over 15 different colors/pattern in their range, so there is always something that suits you. The PrimeMan comes in many different styles; 3 inch boxer briefs, 9 inch boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, bikini briefs, hipsters, thongs and jockstraps.



The soft fabric feels very comfortable. The package falls straight into the pouch. The pouch is large, but still provides sufficient support. The material is also very flexible, so the pouch should actually be large enough for everyone.

They do offer a wide range of sizes from (Small to 3XL) which should fit the majority of us.



The trunk is made of 90% Micro Modal and 10% Lycra Spandex. The material feels super thin. Overall, the construction is well made and the used materials give a premium feel.

Obviously sells their design as Intelligent Garment Design which is a process to create underwear to move with your body throughout the day. There is consideration that is given to eliminate plumbers cracks when you bend over and reduce the riding up of the legs on boxer briefs and the elastic used does not dig in on the briefs. The fabric is designed to ensure there is maximum flexibility and stretch to move with your body no matter what kind of activity you are doing throughout the day.

Our Views:

When you put them on for the first time, it feels a bit strange. The material feels very nice and everything falls very naturally into the pouch. I had not thought in advance that the pouch would provide so much support. Despite the pouch being quite large, you get a feeling of freedom combined with support. As you can see in the pictures, the pouch is almost a separate part of the underwear. The pouch pushes everything forward. In any case, this ensures that nothing gets stuck between the legs. Because the pouch pushes everything forward so far, it creates a reasonable bulge. I personally would not wear these under dress pants, because it is very striking. Wearing them under jeans would be less noticeable. For the guys, who like to show off what they have, these create a nice effect under jeans to let others to admire! For men who don’t have a large package, I think the pouch will be too big; therefore, offer little support.

Because of the reasonable bulge you will need to choose when to wear these. If you are conservative type, jeans should be a good choice, but gym attire, dress pants, joggers or sweatpants may be a bit too much for you. As all men now sweatpants are known to show off your bulge and with these, they definitely will help you show them off.

Besides the front and especially the pouch, the back is of course also important. The trunk well covers the buttocks and falls just below this. The only downside to the trunks is that the legs roll up a bit, but they are not enough to make you uncomfortable – a few adjusts in the day would be necessary.

With this type of support, Obviously does not offer any fly in your underwear. You have to go over the gate when you need to go. Obviously does say that when designing their underwear, it was determined that a front fly detracts from their design which is intended to create the most comfortable anatomical pouch.


Yes, because the pouch is very comfortable and gives a feeling of freedom.

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Thanks for your great review Mick, I have also ordered different styles from Obviously. The look takes a bit of getting used to, but the fabric is super soft and the underwear is extremely comfortable. Very good recommendation.


How does this Obviously compare with the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy with Show it?
Very good review. I am considering trying this one out.


The inside pouch construction is very different. With the Trophy Boy you have to put everything in the Show-it pouch, while with the Obviously everything falls in the pouch. You can always try, I love them! Let me know if you have more questions.

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