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Obviously Apparel is an Australian company that design’s men’s underwear, undershirt and recently face mask. Obviously believes that the most important quality to have in undergarment is comfort.
Years ago, frustrated with a seemingly endless choice of more of the same styles of underwear, Obviously Apparel set out to disrupt the underwear market with our signature anatomical pouch. Along the way we developed underwear made from nothing but the finest natural fabrics to become a world renowned premium men’s underwear brand.



I wouldn’t say that the styling of these Freeman trunks are exciting or something that would catch my eyes at a glance. The FreeMan collection does not offer a lot of colors. They have the ash, black, and pine (olive green). The 3 colors are quite conservative which may not be a bad thing. If you are looking for brighter colors, you can look at the PrimeMan collection, which involves some much brighter colors.



The fit of these boxers are considered fitted – there is no compression at all. The FreeMan collection offers the AnatoFREE anatomical pouch technology which is designed to keep your package within the pouch. More about this in the Our Views section.



These boxers are made with 90% Bamboo Rayon and 10% Lycra. This combination of materials gives the stretch and the lightweight. Overall the construction is well made and it’s tag-less with the information printed on the inner waistband. The stitching is flat and does not cause any irritation to the skin.


Our Views:

I have been asked many times to review a pair of Obviously underwear. I did do some research and noticed that a pair is about $22 USD. This is considered in the premium underwear category. Don’t get me wrong to say that this is not a pair of premium underwear. There is a lot of underwear in the marketplace and some can be inexpensive for the everyday man and that this pair is compared with the premium market.

One of the most sold feature with the Obviously underwear is the pouch. They call this the AnatoFREE anatomical pouch which is suppose to have a snugger fit than their AnatoMAX pouch. Honestly, for me – the AnatoFREE pouch is more than enough for my average package size. I feel that there is still a lot of room in this AnatoFREE pouch, so guys larger than me should still be good. Possibility guys with flaccid size less than 4.5 inches should be fine. Anybody 4.5+ above would need to consider the AnatoMAX pouch to have a comfort feeling. Not sure if any readers would agree with my guess. The pouch is designed according to the shape of our anatomy. From wearing it, I do feel that they have designed it well near the sack, but I think they could have improvements near the penis starts. It could be look better.

When putting them on, everything falls into place.  I had to lift my sack a bit to make sure if fits into the pouch a little.  Maybe my sack is a bit farther back or a bit saggy to their design.  Wearing it for a couple of hours, I did feel the sack opening starting to rub against the outer ring around my package and there is a bit of uncomfortable feeling.  It could also be related to the rolling up of the legs which pushes everything up causing the discomfort.

The AnatoFREE pouch does lift my package a bit up and pushes the bulge outwards.  I was wear a pair of shorts when wearing these and I could see my bulge push out like I was wear a pair of sweatpants.  For guys who have a significant size I can imagine the bulge would be much more noticeable. For my smaller size, I still see a noticeable size.  One thing I have also notice is the freedom of my package.

Bouncing around
When walking around I did notice that my package was bouncing a round – unlike other pouch underwear where it keeps my package more in place.  I wouldn’t wear these for a run as the bouncing of my package may cause some discomfort.  I prefer a pouch support that keeps the package in place under heavy movements.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of underwear in a warmer environment and for this pair it is the same.  I can feel that my package is sweaty when wearing this pair of trunks.  The pouch does give a weird feeling that you can grab your package and feel the temperature when you are still wearing it.  I do feel the underwear being a bit wet and pulling down the underwear I can see that my penis was sticking to my sack.  It doesn’t seem to work for me.

All Obviously underwear do not have a fly.  A fly could help provide more air flow to your package, but in Obviously’s point, the fly-less underwear is best.  Most men won’t even use a fly and I can’t imagine how they would put a fly in this type of a pouch underwear.

Final views
I don’t have a size of a package that would really benefit from the AnatoFREE pouch or AnatoMAX pouch. The pouch digs a bit in the perineum area which causes some discomfort.  Adjusting the sack a bit gives me the lift in the sack.  The pouch does create a nice bulge in loose pants like shorts, sweatpants and less obvious under jeans.  The Obviously brand may have that in mind to “obviously” show your package under your pants.  The pouch does lift and push forward, but doesn’t support your package when you have greater movements as your package would just keep on bouncing around.  The pouch does give an unique feeling when I can grab my package without pulling down my underwear.  The pouch definitely fits into the shape of my package.






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