NÜ Athletic Bamboo Boxer Brief with Omega Kangaroo Pouch - Black/Orange $29.99 CAD
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NÜ Athletic features the Omega Kangaroo™ Pouch to eliminate friction between the legs and provide gravity-defying support. – Built-in Bun Form™ Technology, a structural seam on the rear providing enhanced comfort and support for your bottom. – Fly in front, saving time and effort.



Overall, the styling of this boxer does not look as good as it could be. This pair is the boring black with a touch of yellow. The constrast stitching does give it a little of style, the bum area has a U black stitch to support the bottom. A sticker of a Kangaroo right above the fly does give some style to it, not sure if it will last in washes. The waistband is the worst style. I think they do need to redesign the waistband to make this popular.



This pair of boxers is fitted. Not compressed at all. The pouch area is good for my size, but above average packages may feel a bit more tighter. Based on a 80/20 rule, it maybe fine. Yes, we all think our packages are big.


These boxers are made with 95% bamboo rayon and 5% spandex to make them flexible. The seams are flat and does reduce chafing to the skin. The material is a bit shiny and flexible. Stitching is good as a premium piece of underwear. The pouch design is different because of the top opening fly. The side flaps are starts where the fly is and ends with a supportive loop at the bottom. There is not a lot of fabric for the fly, which I love, because it means there is less fabric to keep heat in the boys. The flaps are not messed, they are using the same bamboo material.


Our Views:

These boxers are supportive and they are comfortable.  Overall appearance is so-so and the design could be improved.  The material is soft and flexible.  The pouch design is similar to BN3TH, 2UNDR, HOOK – I would say that these lean towards 2UNDR and HOOK. I feel the support that lifts my sack, but don’t feel it’s lifting too much. This type of pouch is the only type that I will go through the gate and not over. The convenie Although the design is very similar to BN3THs, I do not have the feeling of the pouch lifting my sack with this brand.  There is one down fail with this type of fly opening – If you for whatever reason have an erection, it will stick out of the pouch.  I experienced this waking up in the morning with morning wood and my baby kangaroo was sticking out of the kangaroo pouch. 🤣



NÜ Athletic are not bad boxers. They are priced reasonable similar to HOOK Underwear. I believe they are related together since they both offer the Bun Form Technology. Will I buy these again? Maybe. If Hook made a Kangaroo pouch, that would be perfect.

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