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Nth Degree is not a well known company and it’s another underwear company coming from Vancouver Canada. You know another brand that comes from Vancouver Canada? You named it, SAXX Underwear comes from Vancouver Canada and it has been quite successful in the premium underwear market. I have heard that some key players from SAXX was involved with Nth Degree and I don’t know if that is true or not.

Nth Degree started in 2017 and it’s quite young for an underwear company. What makes our design concept better and different than competitors is that we offer support without restriction. Our internal support is free floating because of how the pouch is suspended from the main body of the underwear. We are also the only men’s underwear to offer a proper relaxed fit that still offers internal support. It just feels better.



As part of the Nomad collection of the Boxer Brief, they offer mostly solid colors over patterns. They have blue, silver, and gray in solids and a travelers pattern where they have the passport stamps all over the the boxer briefs. In the Nomad collection, they also offer this in Boxers (loose boxers).



I feel that this pair has a better fit than the modern fit boxer briefs. They are not tight or compressed, but just right. Not as loose as the Modern Fit boxer briefs.



This pair is made out of 51% Polyester, 41% I-Cool (Polyester) and 8% Spandex. Overall construction is done well and I have no complaints with it.


Our Views:

Nth Degree is a very young underwear company and does not have a lot of collections.  They offer 4  underwear, 1 tee and 1 loungewear collections.  This pair we are reviewing is part of Nomad collection.  As mentioned in the Modern Fit Boxer Briefs review – I think they need to reorganize their collections so that it’s easier to know what is what.

The fabric is fully meshed around the underwear and contains Zinc. The material is lightweight, anti-microbial, cooling, moisture-wicking, odor proof and dries quickly. This pair is designed for travelers so that they only need to bring fewer pairs of underwear and wash them everyday so that you can alternate them daily. I hope most men will change their underwear daily, but there are some guys who don’t.

The waistband is soft and the Nth Degree logo is made with rubber dots which is quite cool.

This pair also has the suspension pouch like the Modern Fit, which is designed to be a hammock for your assets. More about the pouch below.

Patented Pouch/Suspension Pouch

The pouch is a patented pouch and is shaped of hammock.  The hammock is designed for your package to rest on and gives you the support.  If you watch our video you will see how it fits on our model and you will noticed the package does not move much.  Overall, when wearing them it felt good.  This pair did much better than the Modern Fit and it could be related to the tighter fit, but not compressed fit. The hammock pouch did not get to shift around because of the less roomier boxer briefs.   The pouch has the same color as the boxer briefs, so it’s less visible when comparing to the Modern Fit boxer briefs.

Flat-Lock Seams for Comfort

The stitching throughout the boxer briefs are flat and does help reduce any unwanted chafing to your sensitive areas.   This is what you expect from all premium underwear brands.

Ergonomic Fit for Freedom

Based on the photos and our video, you will see that the underwear forms well onto the body.  The legs do roll up a bit, but not enough to cause any discomfort.  Also, the loose fit also gives the freedom feel.

Flat Waistband Joint for Smoothness

The waistband joint (stitch) is smooth and flat.  This is nicely done and better than some premium brands.  Thumbs up!

Perfect Workmanship

Overall, the workmanship is good.  I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect as there is areas that could be improved.  I won’t consider this as a pair of underwear made by Lexus.  The inner leg stitches are off by a few mm and should have been stitched straight.  If they didn’t market this as a quality by the brand, I wouldn’t complain about it.  So overall, it’s does have good workmanship, but I wouldn’t say it’s perfect.



Will I buy another one? Yes. This pair is worth buying another pair especially if I ever get a chance to travel again!



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