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Nth Degree is not a well known company and it’s another underwear company coming from Vancouver Canada. You know another brand that comes from Vancouver Canada? You named it, SAXX Underwear comes from Vancouver Canada and it has been quite successful in the premium underwear market. I have heard that some key players from SAXX was involved with Nth Degree and I don’t know if that is true or not.

Nth Degree started in 2017 and it’s quite young for an underwear company. What makes our design concept better and different than competitors is that we offer support without restriction. Our internal support is free floating because of how the pouch is suspended from the main body of the underwear. We are also the only men’s underwear to offer a proper relaxed fit that still offers internal support. It just feels better.


As part of the Modern Fit collection of the Boxer Brief, it seems like Nth Degree offers more patterns than solids.  We are reviewing the Frequency pattern and you can see the pattern is quite complex.  They do offer 25+ patterns and only a black solid color.



They do say that this is a modern fit and I found that the fit is loose.  If I had to compare, it was close to the Ejis boxer briefs where it fits, but it doesn’t snugs anywhere.  I will provide more details in Our Views section below.



This pair is made out of 95% Micro Modal and 5% Spandex.  Nth Degree also provides additional information of the Micro Modal and uses the 40s/1 standard.  40s/1 the measurement of count of yarn per pound.  I’m not an expert at this, so guys if you know exactly what it means, please let me know.


Our Views:

Nth Degree is a very young underwear company and does not have a lot of collections.  They offer 4  underwear, 1 tee and 1 loungewear collections.  This pair we are reviewing is part of the Boxer Briefs collection, but then they offer the Nomad and Mover collection, which is also boxer briefs.  I guess they didn’t think over their collections and started off with the Boxer Briefs then offering additional types of boxer briefs.  I foresee them changing this collection to a different name so that in streamlines their collections.

Overall, I am very pleased with the looks of this pair of boxer briefs.  It sounded like they wanted to tailor this for guys who wears boxers and love the freedom of the boxers, and the support of boxer briefs with the suspension pouch.

My experience with this pair is that it’s feels loose.  If you like snug or tighter underwear, you may want to down size.  The loose in fact cause some negative experience for me.  I do sit on the lower edge of the size, so maybe down sizing would have solved the problem.

The fabric feels cool and the material is smooth.  It does match the premium underwear available on the market.  The waistband is also soft which does show that it fits in the right market segment.

“Nth Degree products are engineered for comfort and ergonomic fit, made with premium materials and quality workmanship to keep you cool all the time. We believe every man deserves to wear comfortable underwear at affordable prices.” is what they put on their website.  They also offer 6 main areas they target and we will talk about each one.

Patented Pouch/Suspension Pouch

The pouch is a patented pouch and is shaped of hammock.  The hammock is designed for your package to rest on and gives you the support.  If you watch our video you will see how it fits on our model and you will noticed the package does not move much.  Overall, when wearing them it felt good.  However, I noticed that wearing it for a longer period, and if the boxer briefs move around, my package falls off the hammock pouch and the pouch interferes with my movement.  My package just pushes the pouch rather than sitting on it.  I feel that this problem is because of the loose fit and maybe if I got a small instead of a medium, it may work well.  I will be reviewing the Mover and Nomad collections later on and the Mover is a semi-compression pair which much help this scenario for me.

Flat-Lock Seams for Comfort

The stitching throughout the boxer briefs are flat and does help reduce any unwanted chafing to your sensitive areas.   This is what you expect from all premium underwear brands.

Ergonomic Fit for Freedom

Based on the photos and our video, you will see that the underwear forms well onto the body.  The legs do roll up a bit, but not enough to cause any discomfort.  Also, the loose fit also gives the freedom feel.

Flat Waistband Joint for Smoothness

The waistband joint (stitch) is smooth and flat.  This is nicely done and better than some premium brands.  Thumbs up!

Vivid, Photo-Quality Prints

I didn’t buy any of the photo print underwear, but more of the pattern ones.  This pair the frequency has lots of lines and it does show very well and sharp.  I assume the prints will do well too.

Perfect Workmanship

Overall, the workmanship is good.  I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect as there is areas that could be improved.  I won’t consider this as a pair of underwear made by Lexus.  The inner leg stitches are off by a few mm and should have been stitched straight.  If they didn’t market this as a quality by the brand, I wouldn’t complain about it.  So overall, it’s does have good workmanship, but I wouldn’t say it’s perfect.


Will I buy another one? No. The pouch with a looser fit boxer brief don’t seem to work well for me.  I will be reviewing the other collections and look forward with the Mover collection which is semi-compressed and should help resolve some of my issues.


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