Nike Pro Combat Compression Tights
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Nike Pro Combat collection is an enhanced version of the brand’s Pro technology, which also makes use of Dri-Fit. Nike Pro technology features durable four-way stretch Dri-Fit which helps to manage moisture during activity. For serious athletes, Nike Pro Combat adds lightweight and durable impact protection that is strategically placed in the areas athletes need it most. Nike Pro Combat works by making use of low-profile structured foam cells which are strategically placed in zones to absorb, disperse, and deflate impact from contact. It also helps to protect against abrasion.



Considering this as a baselayer, many people will not wear them by itself and most men will have a loose pair of shorts on top of them. However, Nike still did some work on the waistband adding a patch to cover up the waistband stitching to ensure it looks clean. There is also contrast stitching in the pouch area and down to the legs. Overall these tights look good by just wearing them by itself.



The fit is ultra-tight – much tighter than the Under Armour I reviewed last week. However, it’s still very comfortable and it does hugs my package and body very well. I wouldn’t say that it’s extremely tight. I own other brands of tights and these are not the tightest. I would say that they feel just right. Most will need to wear these pointing down because the pouch area is not very large – I consider myself a little below average at flaccid state, but you can see that there is not much room to store your boys.



The fabric uses Nike’s Dri-FIT technology which is made up of 92% Polyester and 8% elastane. Dri-FIT is designed to keep the sweat away from your body and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The pouch/gusset area is made with two layers of Dri-FIT fabric (100% polyester and a 84% polyester / 16% elastane).   I don’t think the waistband is as sturdy as Under Armour’s waistband.  You will notice in the photos the waistband is very soft and it can easily be bent without noticing it.


Our Views:

During writing this review, CoVid-19 isolation has closed all gyms, so we can only workout at home. I enjoy not needing to wear shorts over these when working out. Just need to figure out can I go back when this is all over 😂. These tights are comfortably tight and the legs do not ride up or pinch in any shape or form. They do not constrain me from doing any activity. As noted before wearing these with your boys pointing down is the best way; however, the gusset area could be bigger or have more stretch to allow a larger range of packages. If not, larger packages will feel pressure down there since u can’t point them up and or sideways. Going sideways will defeat the purpose of the 2 layer pouch design.



For a guy who goes to the gym everyday, I would say this pair of tights is very good. This is considered a lower price point tights from Nike. Definitely higher price point tights will work better and possibility give you a better support, recovery and muscle encouragement. However you need to debate on value vs effectiveness – I would say these are very good. Same as the Under Armour tights, if they can alter the design to support our packages, I will be much happier. Will I buy again:  YES.

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