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Nike is a well known company for their shoes and athlete wear. I have previously reviewed tights that we use when working out at the gym or outdoors and recently reviewed a pair of jockstraps.  This time I will review a pair of boxer briefs and see how these compare.



This pair of Nike, has a neon yellow/green waistband on a black Nike logo and the signature “swoosh” logo. The cup is the area totally black  and doesn’t have much interesting except for what’s behind it.  The styling is very similar to the jockstrap in the pouch area.  The material used is different and is not meshed.



These are not compressed like their Pro tights, but just fits to the body.  They are very comfortable as they just sit on your skin.



Similar to the Nike Jockstraps, Nike provides a breakdown on the materials used in the body fabric and the waistband.  The body fabric is a blend of 57% Cotton, 38% Modal and 5% Spandex.  The waistband is made with 63% Nylon, 26% Polyester, and 11% Elastane.

The construction is well made. Didn’t find any loose threads or any stiches that felt incorrectly done.


Our Views:


The waistband 1.5 inches wide and is soft. It is stitched together at the back and Nike has covered up the stitch on the back which makes it feel more comfortable. The neon color contrast the black fabric which stands out in the crowd if you were only wearing them.  The styling is conservative with a touch a shocking color on the waistband.



This pair of boxer brief comes with the Nike DRI-Fit fabric which is suppose to wick away sweat. I have noticed that my assets did sweat a bit area the sack area, but I didn’t feel the stickiness.  The cotton fabric did absorb the sweat and attempt to keep my sack dry.


Unintended times

I typically wear underwear pointing down and I have tried wearing it pointing up, but over time it ends up pointing back down. So I don’t bother adjusting it pointing up. Pointing up is great because the penis does not stick on the sack.  This pair seems to fit my full unintended boners or getting the morning wood and I wouldn’t stick out of the boxer briefs.  The fabric seems to keep it from leaning forward which helps if you are wearing looser pants in this situation.


Final Words

Overall, they are quite comfortable and I can compare them to CK Steel Micro boxer briefs.  The pouch has a vertical seam at the base to help support when you are in the movement.  The flat stitching does not create any chafing or discomfort.  Lined pouch has a partial vertical seam at the base for extra support.  While wearing this the whole day, I did not recall having to adjust the legs which is great as they didn’t roll up to a point to annoy me.


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Will I buy another one? Yes.





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Thanks for this review george, would you be able to add some pictures of the inside of the pouch? I just would like to see how the cock sits in there from an above view.

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