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Nike is a well known company for their shoes and athlete wear. I have previously reviewed tights that we use when working out at the gym or outdoors. When I was looking for underwear deals and I saw Nike also made underwear, so I decided to buy this jockstrap to review.

I haven’t reviewed a lot of jockstraps and this is really the second pair that I am reviewing. The Pump Ninja Jock was a great pair and I hope this is as good or even better.

Some history and benefits of Jockstrap (taken from our Pump! Ninja Jock review)

Jockstraps were created over 150 years ago by bicyclists.   The name of jockstrap comes from jockey-strap and Jock/Jockey means athlete in the Americas.  Also there is a slang usage of jock to mean penis and it does make sense that a jockstrap is a penis strap?

The jockstrap was designed by bicyclists to keep your boys in place and allow a lot of airflow in other areas that boxers, briefs cover up.  Jockstraps are typically used with a cup inserted in the pouch area to protect your penis and testes so that you can have protection and comfort.



Jockstraps typically have a lot less fabric so there is much less to room to create stylish designs. The Pump Ninja Jock was not very colorful, but because it was suppose to be a Ninja style, it ended up being just black.

This pair of Nike, has a neon yellow/green strip on the waistband with the Nike logo and the signature “swoosh” logo. The cup is the area totally black in mesh and doesn’t have much interesting except for what behind it.



It’s hard to comment on fit with Jockstraps.  Jockstraps are designed to be supportive with very little coverage in other areas.  The waistband fits well with the two straps around the butt to support the butt.



The construction of this pair of Jockstrap is well made. Didn’t find any loose threads or any stiches that felt incorrectly done. Nike does provide more details on the materials used. The mesh is made out of 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane. The elastic strap is made with 92% polyester and 8% elastane. The waistband is made with 58% Nylon, 29% polyester and 13% elastane.


Our Views:

Jockstraps are great for working out and have comfort and support to your package.  I would say that it’s not designed like old jockstraps where you can add a cup to protect your assets from any impact. The pouch does keep your assets in place and give it some level of support. I wouldn’t say it’s pushing your assets against your body and leaves room for them to bounce around.

You can also consider it as a tool to enhance your sex appeal to your partner.  Based on our site’s survey, I can see that jockstraps are not very common nowadays, but it could also be related to the reviews we have on this site is mostly boxer briefs.

If the jockstraps are good, they reduce chaffing and no bunching of the extra fabric from boxers to make things feel comfortable.  It has much less restrictions since there is less fabric to restrict you from going further without ripping up your underwear.

The pouch is separated into 2 parts: the top part is a single layer of mesh fabric which is a bit transparent and the bottom section is a dual mesh layered to hide the assets a bit more. The design works well on our model as the transition between the single and dual layer is where his penis starts.

Weird feeling

Like the Pump jockstrap, it takes a little more time to get use to it after wearing a pair of boxer briefs the day before. The feeling of wearing it does not come natural as my brain needed to adjust of the openness in the rear and no fabric between my butt and pants.  It does give you a bit of a commando feeling, but still have support in your package. One thing that makes me feel odd with jockstraps and I think a lot of men may agree with me is not having anything covering up my anus.  It some ways I feel that I am making my shorts/pants dirty even though I have came out of the shower and have the anus cleaned up.  Especially when I have done with #2 and no matter how much you wipe, it’s possible that there is some residue left.  Then having to wear a jockstrap makes it feel that my pair of shorts or jeans just got contaminated with unwanted waste.  I am sorry if you are reading this while eating and have been disguised by my words.  Also, if I sweat a lot down there, I don’t know if I will have sweat spots on my pants in the butt area like under arm sweat spots in shirts.

I believe that jockstraps is not the everyday underwear that men will wear throughout the day.  I believe they are designed for certain purposes and I agree that wearing them at the gym is a very good option as it supports your package very well and gives you a lot of air flow.  There is a lot of changes in men’s underwear and boxer briefs designed for sports which gives you the 4 way stretch to allow movements.  Jockstraps definitely give you less fabric to stretch when working out.


This pair of jockstraps come with the Nike DRI-Fit fabric which is suppose to wick away sweat. I have noticed that my assets were sweating more when wearing this than a pair of jockstraps. I’m not sure if it’s because of the dual layer mesh or it’s because there is less fabric and the feeling is concentrated in the pouch area.

Unintended times

I know there has been a lot of guys wearing underwear pointing down. Some guys can’t believe that there are guys who wear underwear pointing up. I typically wear underwear pointing down and I have tried wearing it pointing up, but over time it ends up pointing back down. So I don’t bother adjusting it pointing up. Pointing up is great because the penis does not stick on the sack. I took some photos with my penis pointing up and I can feel that in any event of unintended boners or getting the morning wood, you may stick out or your penis will need to bend causing uncomfortable times.


The waistband 1.5 inches wide and is soft. It is stitched together at the back and Nike has covered up the stitch on the back which makes it feel more comfortable. I did find that the waistband moves higher as I wear it throughout the and the Nike band does show above the pants when I sit down.

Final Words

Overall, they are quite comfortable and they do need a little time to get use to.  But once you are use to them, they are quite comfy.  I still have concerns getting my pants dirty after doing my business (#2), which makes me think that I wouldn’t object wearing these for it’s purpose – for sports/gym, but I wouldn’t wear them as an everyday underwear. I wore this pair with a pair of thicker pants and I felt the sweat in my butt crack and the pouch area.

One thing I can say is that there is some conveniences wearing these because if I never had to urgent need to do #2, I can possibility do it without having to pull down the jockstrap.  I know some others can do other activities without pulling them down, but that is as far as I will go in my review.



Will I buy another one?  Yes – may not load up my collection, but maybe a few more for the gym.


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I haven’t worn a jock in years. The old school Bike brand had plenty pouch area to contain my erections and cover my bush. Seems dudes stopped wearing jocks when compression shorts got popular. The new jock styles are certainly more flattering. The Nike jock looks comfy on you. Definitely gives your butt a nice profile too.


I love jock straps but they are usually not good for containing a boner as you show well in the photo 😂


I love the sporty look of these and Nike is a favorite brand of mine, I’ll have to check these out! Thanks for adding the new pics, I see what you mean about there not being much room for morning wood lol. They definitely seem to be designed more for the gym and not all day long. Great review

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