New Balance 3" Boxer Briefs No Fly with Pouch Support
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New Balance (NB) is an American brand of sports footwear and sports apparel that has been around since 1906. The New Balance Men’s 3″ Boxer Briefs No Fly with Pouch are made to endure the most active men! This underwear will be the best part of getting dressed, and are perfect for any occasion, including work, sports, and leisure.
Made from a comfy polyester/spandex blend, our boxer briefs are stretchy, breathable, and durable. By using a high-quality polyester/spandex blend, these briefs will last wash after wash and remain soft. The elastic is designed to keep them in place without bunching! This underwear will be the best part of getting dressed, and are perfect for any occasion, including work, sports, and leisure.



I purchased these boxers from Amazon and they do come in many colors: grey/gray, black, blue, red, navy, turquoise and bright neon. You selected one of the sharpest color since there are times where you need brighter colors to brighten up your day. First of all, New Balance does say these are boxer briefs, but since they are short, I would say they are more trunks. The waistband has New Balance logo with some lines to make them more interesting. There is a reflective New Balance logo on the left thigh and they actually say that it helps increase visibility – not sure why you need to increase visibility. Will you be running outdoors at night with these boxers?


Again, I believe these are more trunks than boxer briefs as they inseam is only 3 inches. Updated: I have found the original packaging and it does say Trunks – so Amazon has stated these underwear incorrectly. New Balance is correctly stating these as Trunks and not Boxer Briefs. These boxers are very light and the waistband is soft – not the softest waistband I’ve experienced. The wider waistband is suppose to prevent them from bunching up. These boxers are fitted – there is no compression at all; however, the pouch design does provide some support to your package.


These boxers uses flat lock stitching to avoid any unnecessary rubbing to your skin. The reflective logo on the thigh will break over a couple of washes (I believe it has started to crack on mine). There are concerns on the elastic of the waistband – not sure how long they will last.



These are made with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. The stitching is good and I don’t see any issues with quality. The materials used are soft and smooth. The pouch is stitched well and does not cause any unwanted rubbing. The shorter inseam does cause some roll up, but because of the shorter inseam, it’s not as bad as some 6″ boxer briefs that roll up.


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During the time of writing his review, most people in America are stuck in their house, self-isolating to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic. So bright colors hopefully can make you cheer up more. These boxers/trunks are comfortable and light. The moisture wicking and drying capabilities are good. The biggest concern I have is the legs roll up when you start walking or moving more actively. These don’t have fly so only option is to go over the gate; however, the thicker waistband may create challenges for some folks to do their business. I have not experience waistband rolling down, but I have seen reviews that some people experience waistband rolldown. My package sweats a lot and does manage to do well managing heat and sweat-wicking.


I bought these because I really like the lightweight shoes from New Balance and wanted to try their boxers. They are not expensive at all – $15USD for 3 pairs ($5 per boxer). At this price point, I would say that they are not bad at all. You can’t expect premium brand designs at this price point. Will I buy this again: YES – after these 3 pairs are done.

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