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This is Mack Weldon is the most luxe trunk combines world-class Supima cotton with antimicrobial Silver XT2. Ideal for long days or every day.

The biggest difference is the fabric used in this pair of underwear.  Copied from their website this is how they  describe the fabric: “Supima cotton is the softest and strongest in the world. We made it even better by blending it with antimicrobial Silver XT2®. While we’re one of the first brands to use pure silver in everyday clothing, it’s been used for years by NASA, Olympic athletes, and the U.S. Special Forces to ensure lasting freshness in the harshest of environments.”


The style of these trunks are very similar to the 18 Hour Jersey Trunks. The biggest difference is the waistband is covered with fabric, so that you get the seamless look.  Mack Walden does offer a wide variety of colors and patterns.  At the time of writing this review, they offer 7 solid colors and 10 patterns.  I got to say that I may have picked a less appealing color of what they offered.



When you put these trunks on, you can feel that it well fit. Definitely no compression of any sort and not too loose.



These are made with 84% Supima Cotton, 10% XT2 Polyester and 6% Lycra. Overall well made and don’t see any loose threads.


Our Views:

When I reviewed the 18 Hour Jersey Trunks, I was not pleased with what I got for the price I paid. This pair of trunks cost $32 USD, which is $10 more than the 18 Hour collection. How many of you are willing to pay $32 for a pair of underwear?
At this price point, I’ll expect it to be something I’ll love to wear and will always want to come back to it after the wash. Unfortunately, this pair didn’t get into that category. I’ll explain more as we continue this review.

Mack Weldon did point out a few features in this Silver collection and I’ll talk about each one.

Anti-odor Silver XT2®

I did take a sniff of my underwear for the 18-hour Jersey collection and after a days wear, I did notice some smell.  I also did the same test with this pair with the anti odor silver XT2 and I did not smell the same odor that was with the 18-hour Jersey.  You can see how far I go with these reviews – I actually smell my own underwear.

No-roll waistband

We didn’t have a problem with the 18-hour Jersey and as expected at this price point I did not expect the waistband to roll.

Mesh cool zones

The mesh cooling zones are exactly the same as the 18 hour collection. This pair I did not feel any discomfort caused by any rubbing.

Stay-put legs

One thing I can say is that this pair is much better than the 18 Hour Jersey. When putting them on, the legs don’t feel too tight on the thighs and they still perform similarly in the roll up category. I wore them for the whole day and I didn’t have to adjust them at all. They did roll up, but didn’t cause any discomfort.

Final thoughts

Overall this pair of trunks are much better than the previous collection which really felt that it was a basic collection but I had a $22 price point this pair was more expensive and it it did perform much better.

I wore this pair of trunks one day and washed them in cold water and dried in the dryer at low settings.  After the wash, I did notice that in the pouch area,  there was still semen stains.   Not sure if this is related to the Silver XT2 fabric or it is just this a bad wash cycle.

Overall, this pair of trunks is much better than the 18 Hour Jersey. However, at $32 USD it feels a bit expensive. If you can buy them with a discount, it may not be that bad.



Will I buy another one? Maybe. I still think that this pair of trunks are too expensive and I would only buy when there is a sale at a lower price point.



Your Views:

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