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This is Mack Weldon trunk is light-as-air and built to keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable, to the end of your workout or workday.

Like the other Mack Weldon reviews, the biggest difference is the fabric used in this pair of underwear.  Copied from their website this is how they  describe the fabric: “Our soft, lightweight microfiber maximizes airflow and stretches in every direction. It’s topped off with a moisture-wicking and odor fighting finish to keep you dry and fresh to the end of your workout or workday.”


The style of these trunks are very similar to the 18 Hour Jersey Trunks. The shape of the trunks are exactly the same as the 18 Hour and Silver collections. The microfiber fabric is one of the biggest difference. The waistband follows the 18 hour design and is not covered like the Silver collection. is the waistband is covered with fabric, so that you get the seamless look.  Mack Walden does offer a wide variety of colors and patterns.  At the time of writing this review, they offer 7 solid colors and 2 patterns.  They also offer a limited edition AIRKNITx HD version which does look a little better with the texture of the fabric.



When you put these trunks on, you can feel that it well fit. Definitely no compression of any sort and not too loose.



These are made with 50% Polyamide, 33% Polyester and 17% Elastane. Overall well made and don’t see any loose threads.


Our Views:

When I reviewed the 18 Hour Jersey Trunks, I was not pleased with what I got for the price I paid.  The Silver trunks improved a bit, but it was also more expensive.  This pair – the AIRKNITx which cost $26 USD sat in between the Silver and 18 Hour collection.   When I put them on, it definitely felt lighter than the two other collections.  I wasn’t too pleased with the looks.  I’m not sure why I didn’t like the look, as it maybe the color or the texture of the trunks.  The head of my penis was quite visible in this pair.

Mack Weldon did point out a few features in this AIRKNITx collection and I’ll talk about each one.

Supportive flyless pouch

Most of my readers don’t use their fly and goes over the gate.  So losing the fly usually won’t be a deal breaker.  I would question the supportive of the pouch.  As all of the collection, I feel the pouch design is quite flat and your package pushes out and the underwear is not really supporting your package.

No-roll waistband
We didn’t have a problem with the waistband and as expected at this price point I did not expect the waistband to roll.

Mesh cool zones

The mesh cooling zones are exactly the same as the 18 hour and Silver collection. This pair I did not feel any discomfort caused by any rubbing.

Stay-put legs

Wearing this pair, as noted before this pair felt much lighter.  The legs are not tight and similar to the Silver collection.  They performed similar to the other collections.  I wore them for the whole day and I didn’t have to adjust them at all. They did roll up, but didn’t cause any discomfort.

Moisture-wicking & odor-fighting

One of the biggest difference is the fabric used and you can see the texture of this pair of trunks is different.  The microfiber does help wick away moisture and because of the better air flow, it reduces odor in the most important place on your body.


Of the 3 collections, I feel that the AIRKNITx is the best of the 3.  You can see that based on my rating in the review.  At $26 dollars it’s only a few dollars more than the 18 hour collection, but they feel better, and much lighter.

If you are not a person who sweat a lot and also feel that you stink down there, this pair should meet your needs.  The Silver collection does help reduce the smell, if you do need that silver properties.

I wore this pair of trunks one day and washed them in cold water and dried in the dryer at low settings.

Overall, this pair of trunks is the best of the 3 collections I have reviewed.  It is priced right between the Silver and 18 hour collection.  If you can buy them with a discount, it may not be that bad.



Will I buy another one? Maybe. I definitely will buy them on discount.  At regular price there is a lot of choice in the marketplace.  Real supportive pouch underwear cost roughly the same price and have the same features as this pair of underwear.


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