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Throwback Today Series

I am creating this ThrowBack Today Series (I am aware of TBT stands for Throwback Thursday) for clothing that is no longer available on the market. While I was doing some cleaning up, I found in my wardrobe a bunch of clothes that are brand new or lightly used and it seem like I forgot about them. Since they are still good to wear, I was thinking of doing a review on these clothes that may have newer versions of the same collection on the market.  In addition, it’s possible that these brands have released newer modern styles of these clothing.

La Senza is another women’s lingerie store that sold men’s undergarment in the early 2000s. I do not remember when they stop selling them and focus back on just women’s lingerie. However, I think it’s the same reason why men will not go into women’s lingerie store to buy their underwear. Lots of men don’t buy their own underwear and maybe they wanted their other half to buy them for their guys when buying their bra or panties. At the end, I think the business model didn’t work and that is why they no longer sell menswear. Let’s see how these measure up…



These white trunks don’t have much style to them. The waistband has LS UOMO branding around them and there is an extra layer of cotton in the gusset area to hide your package a bit more. The design has nothing special at all. The beauty of white underwear allows you to know when they have to go – when they become a different color other than white, or when it has holes, it’s time for them to go. You notice that these are old, but still white – so it’s obvious that I haven’t wore them a lot.



They fit well and they are quite comfortable. The legs do riding up causing some wedgie feel around the sack. The riding legs do add unnecessary heat in the sack around, but they do feel much better than the la Vie en Rose trunks.



These trunks are made with 45% modal, 45% cotton and 10% Spandex. With this combination it definitely has some stretch and some breathability. The flat stitch is greatly appreciated and the only stitching is in the gusset area. Two stitches and the pouch and one straight down the middle.


Our Views:

As a guy who wore tighty whites when he was young and then changed over to loose boxer shorts.  After that I moved to trunks and then boxer briefs.  These trunks look like tighty whites and they are much better fitted than the la Vie en Rose MAN trunks. The downside is the length of the trunks which causes rid up and wedgies. The fabric was a bit sticky because if the heat generated. There is nothing done to the legs to prevent it from riding up at all. There is no other stitching so they won’t help support your body while you are active. The waistband is very standard and not much different from tighty whites.


Even if I liked them, I wouldn’t be able to buy them anymore. I search around and found nothing around the web that has LS UOMO. So there no market for this brand anymore. However, I don’t think I will buy them again even if they were still available. I couldn’t imagine myself going into a women’s lingerie store to buy men’s underwear. Imagine going into a Victoria secret to buy men’s underwear. The verdict is that these trunks will end up in the landfill. Let’s say goodbye to them.

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