Le 31 - Bright microfibre trunk $15
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Le 31 is a collection from the Simon’s department store. You won’t find these anywhere else because these are exclusively made for Simon’s. So this brand is similar to George from Walmart which is a department store brand.



At first when I looked at this boxer brief, it felt like it was similar to the hook renew 2.0 or the BN3TH classic boxer briefs I previously reviewed. It seems like black with red contrast stitching is very common in men’s underwear. Overall when you look at these they look nice. The red waistband gives you a good contrast to make it not boring. There is stitching around the pouch area and down the thighs on the left and right. There is no stitching on the back but most people show off themselves in the front anyways.  They come in 6 colors with the contrast color in brackets Marine Blue (Red), Black (Red), Slate Blue (Dark Blue), Medium Pink (Black), Medium Yellow (Black) and Orange (Black).  My most favorite is the Marine Blue, Black (the one we are reviewing) and the Medium Yellow. 



These are considered fitted, there’s no compression feeling at all. The fabric is stretchy enough for it to fit a lot of sizes. It does feel that the pouch area is a bit smaller; you can see that when you look at the distance between the two contrast stitches.



These are made with 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The polyester is lightweight and does give the smooth and shiny look. Overall, stitching is good and didn’t find any flaws. The tag took some effort to take off, but was still removable


Our Views:

As a department store brand, these boxers are not bad at all. At regular price, these are $15 USD and they are on sale right now for $10 USD. It’s good value for what you get. The polyester fabric is light and stretches however these may not be as great on hot days as the material itself; it’s not as absorbent as other materials.  The polyester fabric is a synthetic material that is thin and comfortable. The thickness is typically half of cotton and it holds color better than cotton.  It’s strong and durable and has the ability to resist wrinkles and it stays in shape much better. 
The design itself is similar to a lot of other underwear and does look premium unlike other department store brands.
The pouch area does seem a little bit smaller but for average guys I don’t see this as a problem. For guys with larger packages it’s the stretchiness of the fabric may still work fine. This stitching of the pouch area is flat however it still bulges out a little bit. The dual fabric layer of the pouch is very noticeable and the exterior part is a bit thicker than the interior layer. 
I sweat a bit in them and can did feel some wetness stuck on my skin – it’s not too bad, but the polyester fabric definitely didn’t help the breathablity. The legs do roll up a bit (you can see in the photos), but not enough to feel uncomfortable.
These don’t come with a fly, but again most of us don’t use it anyways. Going over the gate is easy as the fabric and waistband is quite stretchable. Talking about the waistband, it is soft and it looks like it uses the same fabric as the underwear itself. The waistband is a bit thinner measuring at 1 inch. 



Maybe. If they made these mesh, i think that would help the breathability of these boxer briefs. 

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