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Just Wears Boxer Briefs is a kickstarter startup which started as JoeyWears and rebranded to Just Wears. JoeyWears had a vision to provide underwear far better than any available on the market. With a dream for a better future for balls, they had enough guys to back them up on Kickstarter. They have used the tagline of “A pair of underwear every guy Just Wears, but feels more comfortable, fits better, keeps you cool down under, a first class seat for your precious cargo if you may. Once you Just Wear them there’s no going back…”. That line is strong and has a lot of ideas.



This pair of boxer briefs we are reviewing comes in 6 different colours. Oxford Blue, Charcoal Grey, Azure Blue, Mint Green, Watermelon Red and Classic Black. This pair I am reviewing is the Azure Blue colour – the blue colour is much brighter than the conservative Oxford blue. Design is very minimalist with the blue fabric and a black waistband. On the waistband there is a JW logo on the left side and also on the back.



They fit reasonably well. They stretch to fit the legs and are not saggy or loose around the legs, the pouch area has a large tear drop shape opening to make placing the cock easy. The balls sit just lower in the boxers to keep everything apart, also there’s a flap to get to your cock if needed



So these boxers are very light in weight and quite thin, they seem to wash well and are soft and smoothish to the touch. The seams are flat stitched and there is no rubbing to the skin. The fabric is quite unique and is made from soft cellulosic fibre sourced from sustainable Austrian beech trees which is softer than cotton.


Our Views:

So when fitted they feel nice on the skin and let your cock have more free movement, there is little compression in the pouch area this maybe the size of my cock so they may be made for bigger men? When wearing them for the day you do need to adjust from time to time and can fall back into the main boxers as I believe the tear shape is not very good for holding in place, but does make adjusting easy; however, the adjusting and fiddling around can result in erections. They are cool and refreshing to wear.



Will I buy this again? Yes – However, there could be improvements to them.



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I also don’t really see Photo 1 in the 18+ pictures. Is it supposed to be like that?

George W

You mean in this Just Wears Boxer Brief review? That was provided by Jason at that time.


I wish you could do more reviews with you. Great job!

George W

Jason has not provided any reviews for quite some time. Our authors would only provide reviews as a part time basis. Some only write one review and they no longer have interest in writing more.


Get Review Jason, I had seen these brands online so thank you for letting us know how the work when you have them on. Great photos too, the 18+ ones are spot on!


Never heard of this brand before. Great review Jason. Wish we can buy them locally in America.

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