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From the Joe Snyder website:
You’ll feel totally free in these Joe Snyder Mens Mini Cheek Mesh Peekaboo Boxers, not just because of the sexy peekaboo design at the back but because they offer something a little different. Mesh paneling in your choice of color makes them feel super fun as well as breathable, whilst a bulge-enhancing design with pops of color draws all attention to the right place!

I am going to put it out there at the beginning of this review – I wanted to try something different and something sexy and something I have never tried before. I would consider this as one of the least fabric underwear I have ever worn in my life other than going commando.


First of all Joe Snyder sells Bikini & Briefs, Jockstraps, Thongs, Trunks & Boy Shorts, and Enhancers. Based on that you can see the designs use less fabric. I don’t really know what to call this piece of underwear. They call it the Peekaboo Boxers, but they do have a form of a thong, but then a little more fabric in the rear end. You call it for whatever fits your need. What caught my eye in getting this was some of the design. It has this contrast color mesh around the underwear to give it some nice looks. I actually picked the most conservative color – the black mesh with the gray. They do come with white, black, coral(red) and lime. White makes the underwear look like a single piece, where the black I am reviewing today gives it the strong contrast. The lime & coral brings some of the shocking bright colors and gets your eyes looking at the mesh sections.



At first when I showed other authors of these photos and the first reaction was – they don’t look comfortable. At first they felt tight, but over time things changed. I wore these a few times before writing this review, so I can get a chance to experience it before I just say they are bad. More to come in our views section.



This pair of underwear is made with 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Overall the construction is well made; however, there are some loose threads here and there. Some seams are flat and some use superimposed stitching.


Our Views:


As noted in the beginning of this review. I wanted to try some other types of underwear. You see that I have reviewed a lot of boxer briefs and trunks and hopefully they do help you make a decision on your purchases and hope that you guys will help out and provide your feedback.

So trying something else – Depending on the order of reviews being released – I recently reviewed a Jockstrap from Pump! and I don’t know how to define this pair of underwear – is it a brief or trunks or thongs? Please let me know what you think.


So first things first – I know that I have to do more manscaping for this type of underwear. The waistline is very low and there is still a lot of public hair sticking out of the underwear. The black parts are mesh and allow a lot of air through to cool down your package. I wore this for 10 hours and have decided to change back into a pair of boxer briefs. After changing back to boxer briefs, I can appreciate the need for not using my butt crack to hold up the underwear.

Joe Snyder says that you should up size because this is a Mexican brand and the sizes are different from the North American sizes. I wear medium in North American size, and also bought a Medium. I am on the lower side of a medium and this pair just fits. If you are the larger size, you will definitely need to up size. I have left the sizes here for your reference:

Waist Size inches cm
Small 28-30 74-78
Medium 31-33 79-83
Large 34-36 84-88
Extra Large 36-38 89-93

If you can see on the label, it does say 32/35 for medium.  So I am not sure exactly the sizes, so when you decide to buy – make sure you investigate before buying.


If you have a large package or a longer flaccid state, you may have issues with the size of the pouch.  I would say anybody under 4.5 inches flaccid size should still be fine, but anything larger may get uncomfortable and may even make the fabric a bit transparent.

The stitching of the pouch is also not flat.  They use a superimposed stitch which creates a stronger stitch; however, I did not feel much rubbing in the groin or anything that caused things to be uncomfortable.

One thing to notice is that the pouch is very fitted and it is extremely supportive.  My package did not bounce around and was lifted a bit.  It’s not overly tight at all so there is no discomfort.  I wore shorts over this and I did notice a much larger bulge because of the pouch design.  So if you are in for showing off your bulge, this may work for you.


You wouldn’t expect a fly for such underwear, but the flap above the pouch actually has a piece of mesh fabric and allows your penis to come out and do your business.  I noticed myself using the fly and pulling the underwear down, but it felt using the fly feels easier than pulling it down.  However, pulling it down helps your butt crack get some relief.  More on butt crack later.


The sides of the pouch is the mesh material which follows down to the perineal area to the back of the butt.  The opening in the butt crack gives the underwear some style and also some more air to breath.  The mesh material is not the softest possible.  I wish the mesh is similar to Pump!’s mesh and it should feel a bit more comfortable.  The center stitch is a superimposed stitch and is a very strong superimposed stitch which is also very stretchy.  Seems like they stitch in a waistband style piece to allow stretch.

Butt crack

I think the only thing I would complain about this pair of underwear is the thong style.  The stretchy superimposed stitch feels well when you wear them initially, but if you start getting a wedgie and the underwear rides up the butt crack, the stitch rubs your anus and causes discomfort.  I had to adjust it a few times in the 10 hours of wearing it.  If I wear the back a bit lower exposing my butt crack above the waistband, it feels much better; however, eventually it will end up wedging into your butt crack.

Awkward moments

There are cases when I review underwear, I get pre-cum or semi-erections because of the time spent taking photos and need to focus on my penis.  Your brain just keeps on playing with you.  When wearing these, at no time I had any issues of having semi-erections or pre-cum.

One thing I do want to note here – if you experience something that causes erections, you may be awkward because you cannot wear these pointing up because of the small pouch your penis will still stick out of the black mesh.

When pointing down, any erections will increase your bulge and then become painful if you do not adjust.  But because of the small pouch, there is no room to adjust.  I also do not know what will happen when you get morning wood.  Is this preventing your penis to erect when you sleep and will this be a problem?  I don’t know.

Final Views

They said that this pair of underwear can also be used as swimwear.  I don’t think I am brave enough to wear these at the beach or in the swimming pool.  Maybe Mexican’s are used to wearing Speedo style swimwear and have less concerns with exposing your bulge in a public place.

You may say why am I showing my bulge here?  Well, I’m not showing my face so I am less concerned about showing off my bulge.  I am shy when it comes to real life. 🙂

Overall, this pair of underwear is very supportive and keeps everything in place.  There is no discomfort in the pouch area and it does give you confidence and gives you a sexy appeal.  I don’t know if my partner will consider this as sexy, but I think it’s not bad as it’s not overly exposing anything, and does express the package quite well.

The only thing that I don’t like is the thong style backing and the rubbing of my anus is where it fails.  If you don’t move around too much, it’s not a problem.  You do feel it in your butt crack, but it doesn’t hurt.  It’s only when you move a lot and you slide on your butt is when you get the wedgie.

I could say that there is a purpose for this underwear.  It’s just not for everyday wear, but for a purpose.  If you want to spice up your sexual life and want to give some excitement to your partner, this may work.  Or if you want to be supportive and don’t mind the wedgie feeling in the butt crack, it will work too.  It’s all preference.



No; however, I may try the brief backing style – my butt crack doesn’t like the feeling





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