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From the Joe Snyder website:
The Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Short gives you all the sexiness you have come to expect with this brand in addition to the supportive comfort that you get from a boxer short. The low rise back provides a little extra cheekiness to this already fabulous looking underwear. The cool colors and designs available means you can choose the ideal option to suit your personality, whether you prefer a sexy’ black mesh’, cool ‘camo’ or ‘rainbow’ style. The sizes are from small to extra large and the silky soft fabric is constructed from 80% nylon and 20% spandex mix so you can be sure that you get a fantastic fit with that little bit of added stretch for ease and comfort. If you are a man who prefers fuller coverage yet wants to feel super sexy everyday, these Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Shorts are the best option for you!



Joe Snyder sells Bikini & Briefs, Jockstraps, Thongs, Trunks & Boy Shorts, and Enhancers.   Even with boxers, Joe Snyder underwear is made with less unnecessary fabric.   I was really questioning if this is considered a boxer or it’s just a brief.  What caught my eye on this pair was how they exhibit your assets and how they keep things in place while not exposing yourself, but still be able to show how much you got down there.  They do offer this model in many colors.  At the time of writing this review, they have up to 20 different colors and styles for you to choose.   The pair we are reviewing today is called Blue Jeans.  The color similar to a pair of jeans and it does it quite well.



Joe Snyder’s fit is usually fitted or you can consider tighter.  They do say that they are 1 size smaller than North American sizes.  I wore these a few times before completing this review because of the tightness and wanted to make sure wearing them a few times to see if they will stretch further.  Unfortunately, the material is made with 80% polyamide which doesn’t really go out of shape.  I still bought a medium size because my waistline is just on the borderline between small and medium.



In our unpacking video, we did mention that the packing says that this pair is made with 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.  However, the tag on the back says 78% polyester and 22% elastane.  So I was confused with what is the correct blend.   Another point to make is that when I pull the first tag off, I noticed another tag right below it.  That tag says the Cheek Boxer 13 is made with 80% polyester and 20% elastane.  So based on this, I would believe the lower tag and confirm that it’s 78% polyester and 22% elastane.  I wanted to make sure that Joe Snyder employees reading this to know that there is a discrepancy in their tags.  The seams are mostly flat throughout the underwear, except for the pouch borders where they have used a superimposed stitch.  They have used an encased elastic waistband which is commonly found in boxers.  The boxer fabric is folded over at the waist to create a casing and the elastic is threaded through the casing which causes the boxer fabric to gather.


Our Views:


Because of the low waistline, you will need to do more manscaping to wear this pair of underwear.  I know for a fact that I need to do more; however, I was a bit lazy to shave that much. The waistline actually starts right at the base of my penis and it can’t go any lower than that.

Joe Snyder says that you should up size because this is a Mexican brand and the sizes are different from the North American sizes. I wear medium in North American size, and also bought a Medium. I am on the lower side of a medium and this pair just fits. If you are the larger size, you will definitely need to up size. I have left the sizes here for your reference:

Waist Size inches cm
Small 28-30 74-78
Medium 31-33 79-83
Large 34-36 84-88
Extra Large 36-38 89-93

If you can see on the label, it does say 32/35 for medium.  So I am not sure exactly the sizes, so when you decide to buy – make sure you investigate before buying.


If you have a large package or a longer flaccid state, you may have issues with the size of the pouch.   I do believe you will have problems for all their underwear since they typically have smaller pouches and lower waist line.   I would say anybody under 4.5 inches flaccid size should still be fine, but anything larger may get uncomfortable and may even make the fabric a bit more transparent.

The stitching of the pouch is also not all flat.  The stitching around the pouch is superimposed and the middle of the pouch is a flat stitch.  Overall, I did not feel much rubbing around the pouch.

One thing to notice is that the pouch is very fitted and it is extremely supportive.  My package did not bounce around and it is not overly tight; however,  I did have a feeling that I was stuffing everything into the pouch.  I know that if they increased the pouch size, it would feel less supportive.  If you are planning to have kids and want to ensure you have healthy sperm count, you may want to avoid cramming your assets into this pouch.

One thing I noticed is the tight support actually causes my penis to hide into the sack. Not sure if it’s trying to minimize the space so that it will feel more comfortable.

Awkward moments & Morning Wood

There are cases when I review underwear, I get pre-cum or semi-erections because of the time spent taking photos and need to focus on my penis.  Your brain just keeps on playing with you.  When wearing these, at no time I had any issues of having semi-erections or pre-cum.

When pointing down, any erections will increase your bulge and then become painful if you do not adjust.  But because of the small pouch, there is no room to adjust.  I also wore these to bed, wanting to know what will happen with morning wood. I can tell you that the morning wood was not pleasing. In fact, I woke up because of the tightness of the underwear when my guy was trying to do it’s exercise while I sleep. It woke me up a bit and I opened up the underwear and let my guy stick out of the underwear, but then the underwear was chafing on the penis, so I had to move it to the side, but my guy is strong and straight and adjust it to erect to the side makes it uncomfortable. It was to a point where I was joining to pull it off and just go commando.

Final Views

Overall, this pair of underwear is very supportive and keeps everything in place.  There is no discomfort in the pouch area, but does give you a feeling of stuffing everything is a limited space.  The fabric is thin and public hair sticks out of the fabric, but I still felt that I was sweating down there more than normally.  When you look at the photos, you will also notice that the fabric is a bit see through.  Fortunately this is not a pair of white underwear cos when I sweat it might get a bit more noticeable.  The blue jeans color is great for some cover up.   This pair also gives you confidence, sex appeal and does express your package quite well.

This is similar to a brief/boxer and does not feel as bad as thong styles where it rubs your butt crack, but there was some discomfort when wearing these for too long.  The underwear around the perineal area, folds a bit higher in the area causing some uncomfortable rub.  It’s a bit unfortunate

I always believe that the best underwear is to feel like you are wearing nothing, while it being supportive and have a natural feel.  It’s definitely not an easy task to accomplish.  Joe Snyder is very supportive, by keeping your package in a pouch that doesn’t have much room to move.  The usage of less fabric also gives you more of the feeling of not wearing anything.

I could say that there is a purpose for this underwear.  It’s just not for everyday wear, but for a purpose.  If you want to spice up your sexual life and want to give some excitement to your partner, this may work. The minimal fabric also benefits on hot days when you go out and enjoy a hot summer day, but when you retire at night you may want to change into a looser boxer brief or boxers so that it lets your guy relax and there is no limit for your morning wood.



Will I buy again?  No, this is not the first pair of Joe Snyder and both of them are tighter.  Maybe the next pair of Joe Snyder I would try a large, but I’m worried that it will fall off since large is 34-36 inches.


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