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From the Joe Boxer site:

The Junk Drawer technology men’s boxer brief underwear were created to keep your junk in one place and you in a happy space all day long.  Designed with the softest, most breathable material in the underwear industry, the Junk Drawer will keep your stuff up front, dry, comfortable and fun!

Joe Boxer is a well known brand started in 1985 and is sold in Sears and Kmart in the United States.  In Canada, Joe Boxer has a site where you can order your underwear and they are available in a few department stores in Canada.  The brand sold mainly undergarments, bed sheets, and shower curtains.



This pair of boxer briefs is plain and boring.  The fly area does have a touch of black to give it a little contrast, but I wouldn’t say that it is enough to make them feel excited.  I was a bit disappointed since Joe Boxers have been very colorful and have interesting prints; however, if you look at their website, you can see they do offer some interesting prints for the guys who want to have spiced up underwear.   The last thing to mention is the waistband with the BIG white letter spelling out the brand is quite a signature for its brand.



These boxer briefs are fitted, without any compression. The pouch area which they call the junk drawer is about 8.25″ in length (this is not a scientific approach of measuring it), but using the same method the other brands range between 6.5″ to 8.25″ in length and this pair has the lowest point in the pouch.



This pair of underwear is made with 95% Modal and 5% Spandex.  The stitching seams are flat and they do not cause any chafing to the skill.  The junk drawer uses a mesh fabric which is lightweight so that it should keep your package cool and does not create too much heat.


Our Views:

When I saw on Facebook ad that Joe Boxer made a pouch style underwear, I was searching around to see where I can buy it during this pandemic.  Luckily Amazon sold them for a fair price, so I decided to purchase and make this review.  I know in the US, Joe Boxers are sold in Sears and KMart.  In Canada it seems to be available in more places and more online stores sell them.  Joe Boxer in my mind has the funky brand with emojis and exciting prints to bring some excitement to the typical boring men’s underwear.

They use high quality materials for this pair of boxer briefs.  I didn’t expect Joe Boxer to use this type of material since I always thought that Joe Boxer was a mid level brand and sometimes even a bargain brand.

Junk Drawer/Pouch

The design of the Junk Drawer is very similar to other pouch underwear.  The pouch starts right under the waistband all the way to the perineal area.  SAXX pouch does not meet at the bottom of the pouch and in the new BallPark pouch they have brought the pouch closer together.  The BN3TH, Hook, NU, 2UNDR all use the U shape pouch which lifts your sack if they hang lower than the pouch closing.  This Junk Drawer pouch overlaps the two fabric where it meets at the perineal area.  This is a clever design for folks who do not like to definitely lift in the U shape pouches, but is not as effective lifting the pouch because of the flexibility of the pouch.

Personally, I did not feel the lifting of my package in this pair of boxer briefs.  I would say that the feeling is very close to the SAXX underwear.  The mesh fabric could be thinner to even help reduce the feeling of the pouch and to allow more air to go through.


This boxer has a fly and as most of you, you will not use the fly and will go over the gate.  Going over the gate is not a problem, since the pouch design does not require effort to put your package back onto.  The black fabric on the fly is mesh to help provide more breathability to your package.


Other Views

The U shape stitch in the butt area helps support your butt when you move around.  With the photos, you can see the legs do ride up, but not enough to make you feel that it’s uncomfortable.  I do sweat a lot down there, but overall they do well to keep them dry and cool.

Overall, I didn’t expect much from these Joe Boxers and just wanted to try out the pouch underwear and see how an everyday brand can would implement the pouch designs.  I would say that they did well, but the pricing of them are not that far away from other premium brands.  If you had the option, would you want to try them?



Will I buy again? YES – to replace.



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