Jockmail JM340 Modal blue modal briefs U convex $12.99 USD
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From their website:
JOCKMAIL owned and operated by Shenzhen JunChiXing Commerce Trading Co. LTD is located in downtown Shenzhen City, Longgang District in the Guangdong Province. Our company has designed and trademarked one of our newest underwear concepts that has a modern Eurasian fashion influence of colors and designs in now Men’s Underwear, coming Swimwear as well as Gym wear/Active wear that are perfect for all year round.

All or our Men’s underwear range is made of Soft Combed Cotton which is considered higher quality and is more softer than ordinary Cotton. The combing procedure eliminates the group of shorter fibers and polluting influences in it which brings about a more finer, stronger, end result to the finished product.



These trunks are very plain with a solid navy color and a black waistband and the branding is very subtle and requires a little effort to see the JOCKMAIL branding. Overall, they don’t look to far away from other men’s trunks. When you put them together with other trunks, they look just the same.



Jock mail coming from China of course requires upscale in size. I’m wearing a pair of extra large briefs when compared to the Americas size which is a medium. Overall these fit well however guys with larger packages may see that the pouch area sticks out and there will be a gap between your thighs and the briefs. I also noticed that the back is a bit loose for my own liking. Maybe guys with larger butts may fit better.



On their website, they say that these briefs are made with 92% combed cotton and 8% spandex; however, the tag on the briefs says it’s 90% Modal and 10% Spandex. I don’t know which one to trust. I have seen this with many China manufacturers where the fabric construction is not consistent. Overall these are well made and they are not any different from other brands. I will say that they are a bit thinner however that may not be a bad thing so that they could be breathable.


Our Views:

First of all, the brand name is a bit odd. Not sure why they use mail, but maybe it’s related to male?

I don’t wear briefs much, after moving away from tighty whites, I have stopped wearing briefs. Since I have been writing reviews, I decided to go ahead and buy a few pairs and see how they fit. Wearing these for the first time, I felt that there is some missing fabric. Wearing trunks and boxer briefs it feels more protective and having more fabric to cover up our legs.

I am not a guy who likes wearing briefs because of the public hair I have between my legs. Other underwear covers up that area and doesn’t look as bad, but briefs open it all up. You can see it in the photos the amount of hair I have in the area and it doesn’t look appealing. I am also not the type that will shave or wax it all off. Once you start you can’t really stop doing it.

The pouch is similar to other pouch enhancing underwear by lifting your package and pushes it forward. I am not a big fan of this, since wearing the briefs, my sack just doesn’t fall into the pouch. You always need to adjust and put it in place. There is also no fly, so you always have to go over the gate and when you are done you have to adjust again.

Sitting and walking around I find that the pouch is lifting too much. Maybe my body build is not right, but it seems like your sack needs to be higher to get the right fit. Over a few hours of wearing it I can feel the lining of the pouch and it’s lifting too much. I also noticed that wearing them for a period of time and moving around, my sack can also fall out causing my balls to be just outside of the briefs.

The pouch is not very large, but I believe it can fit most of you guys. There is still about an inch of fabric for me meaning guys at 4″ flaccid should still fit without fabric stretch. If you are over 4″ the fabric will still stretch a fair amount.

The pouch does separate your package from your thighs and it does create a bulge. Wearing these under a pair of shorts, I can see my bulge poking out when walking around. If you are not confident enough, you may just want to wear these under jeans. If you want to show off a bit, these maybe for you.

For guys who point up, this are not for you. The low waist just doesn’t create enough room from the pouch to the waistband to fit your flaccid penis. If you see my photo pointing up, it goes way past the waistband and it just doesn’t feel right. Also, my guy down there just ends back pointing down even if I force it to stick up when wearing underwear. So what’s the point?

Size & Fit

If you are looking at buying these, you need to up-size a lot. I wear a North American medium size and I had to purchase a L for this pair. They have a chart to compare your height and weight and what size you should buy. From what I can see this is the sizes in comparison:

  • North American S = S/M (27-31 inches)
  • North American M = L (31-33 inches)
  • North American L = XL (33-35 inches)
  • North American XL = XXL (35-38 inches)

This is only a reference.  You do need to look at your weight and height to see if this fits your shape.

As noted in the pouch area, I wouldn’t go full force and buy a bunch without trying them. I find the pouch just being a bit too lifty and you have to wear this pair of under in the pouch. I tried not wearing them in the pouch and the underwear just doesn’t cover your package – everything falls out of place and you might as well go commando.

The front feels the right fit, but I do think it’s still a bit smaller for it to be very comfortable. The back however seems to be very large. My butt is just not big enough. I feel I can pull an inch of fabric for it to fit well and not feel that it’s loose.

Wearing them does not feel bad.  If your size sits between their sizes, I would recommend going one size up.  All underwear from China are usually on the smaller size and would be better for a loose fit than stretching it and feeling uncomfortable.

Final thoughts

For $13 USD, I would say this pair of briefs is too expensive. They aren’t comfortable when you wear them for a long time. My sweaty package didn’t feel sticky or overheated.  The fabric feels thinner but they are as smooth as other premium brands. Fortunately, I got these off Wish and they costed



Will I buy another one? No nothing special for me to buy another pair for now and the loose bum area just doesn’t work for me.

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They look good. And nice color. Too bad they get uncomfortable over the day.

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