Jack & Jones - Basic Boxers with Contrast Stitching $15 USD
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The Jack & Jones Company offers stylized and affordable products.  An ideal model for everyday life thanks to its comfort, durability and value for money.  How does these $15 USD Boxers square off?



The styling of these boxers are quite nice as they do have a lot of contrast stitching.  The 1.5″ waistband is black with the burnt orange logos all around.  One thing to note about the waistband is the connection. Typically waistbands end at the spine in the back, but these end on the right side.  It does make things look better if you are looking from the front and the back.  However, maybe folks would focus on your bulge or your butt and not the waistband.  I do think it’s a small touch and should be noted.  The stitching is different from most of the underwear I have reviewed. There are 8 stitches in total. Four of the stitches are placed in the front and back of each leg from the waistband to the thigh.  One stitch is across the perineal area and the remaining 3 stitches is considered the pouch area; however, the shape of the pouch area is a wide V shape, which reminds me a bit of the older tighty whites. 



At first, these felt a little tight, but as you wear them over time, they seem to loosen up a bit and they feel more comfortable.  This could be because the cotton requires a little bit of stretching before it takes space.



These are made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane.  Overall the quality of stitching and the materials are at par.  The 1.5 inch waistband is standard and does not rub against your skin.  I wouldn’t say it’s soft, but good enough to not complain about it.  There is no fly, so guys who would use fly’s would also need to go over the gate.  At the time writing this review, our survey shows that only 20% of our readers fall in that category.


Our Views:

I was not expecting much from this pair of boxer briefs, since this is a very basic pair of boxers briefs and they aren’t selling these at premium prices.  I believe every man has different types of underwear for different purposes.  It’s not cheap to own a few weeks worth of underwear at a premium price, so sometimes owning a few pairs of basic boxer briefs wouldn’t be a bad idea.  The cotton after a wash was a little better, but still considered rough; however, things got better when you wear them longer.  The styling is conservative, but not as boring as a plain solid pair.  One thing I did not like about this pair is the pouch area.  If you are a long time reader, I’ve said this many times about my package.  I tend to easily build heat down there and the pouch area is much larger and as all men’s underwear the pouch area is made with 2 layers of cotton.  I think you know where I’m getting to – I can build up a lot of heat because of the larger surface area.  Fortunately, the day I wore these it was raining outside and the weather was a bit cooler.  The legs ride up a little, but not enough to create wedgies and additional discomfort.  I did notice that the inseam is a little shorter, which also helps with heat management.  Overall, they aren’t bad for everyday use, especially if you buy more they become cheaper per pair – buy more save more!



Will I buy again: No – was not special enough to buy another pair.

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