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Jack Adams tag line is “Defined by the man who wears it.” which is quite interesting tag line. Jack Adams is a very young company (found in 2010), the company is an underwear and activewear brand. The brand appeals to the athletic man with a masculine style. Their collections are on the lines between fitness function and modern fashion.

Jack Adams claims that this pair of underwear we are reviewing is the lightest men’s underwear on the planet! The AIR Trainer Trunk is exceptionally soft, comfortable and like wearing nothing at all.



These come in 4 colors: Black, Gray, Blue and Orange. We are reviewing the Blue (Royal). The black waistband with the blue makes it a very strong solid design. They only offer solid colors so there isn’t anything special for the guys who like pattern or prints. Overall, a lot of men think solid colors is the way to go and it doesn’t need to be that fancy. They did provide orange for the guys who like the eye catching and striking colors.



These boxers briefs are considered fitted. No compression and everything falls in place. I find the pouch area large for my average size, so guys who fall above average should be fine with this style.



These are made with 95% Modal and 5% Elastane. There are no loose threads with the stitch. The back waistband is covered by a rubbery tag at the back.

Our Views:

When I unpacked this pair of underwear, I noticed that pouch area was large and was a bit confused that it looked like the pouch was stitched incorrectly. After looking at it in more detail, I figured it out. The design of the horizontal fly made it look like the interior pouch was stitch on the outside. It didn’t make much difference when you look at it from the inside. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Jack Adams did say that this pair is the lightest pair of underwear on the planet. I am not sure about that claims as I do feel that I own a few pairs of boxer briefs that feel lighter than this pair. Not saying that this pair is heavy, but it’s not the lightest. The fabric is soft and comfortable and the pouch does give you the feeling that you aren’t wearing much.

The horizontal fly seems to have a lot of fabric in the inner layer. When I pull open the fly, there is enough fabric to cover my assets so that it’s not as easy to see them. I guess if you are on the larger side, you will see be exposing yourself when opening the flap. Horizontal flies actually make me use the fly more since it is much easier to pull it out and put back in after doing business, however, I do have problems with morning wood. My guy loves to come out of the horizontal fly in the evening and as I move around in bed it rubs against everything it touches. I did find that it did not come out one evening as it stretched under the flap which then causes some tight feeling cos of the shorter length it could erect before hitting the top of the flap. My assets are small, but at least when it’s excited it does have decent length or I should say enough for it’s purpose.

I do feel that this type of underwear is great for guys who point down when wearing underwear. Pointing up could expose yourself or else you will need to find your guy when natural calls because you would need to go behind the flap and pull it out. Also, the pouch is designed for your guy to sit onto so that it feels that you are not wearing anything.

The size of the pouch should be enough for guys who lean on the larger size. For my average size, I feel that there is a lot of room and guys at 6 inch flaccid shouldn’t have any problems sitting on the pouch.

They don’t sell these Jack Adams at store and they are sold exclusively online. At $36 USD a pair, I did find that they are in the premium market and it gets expensive when you buy a bunch for a weeks wear. Not all men is willing to pay over $200 USD for a week’s worth of underwear. The materials are nice and the design is great, but I feel that it’s better value when they go on sale.

As premium underwear you would want them to last longer and they do recommend washing in cold water and air drying them. They should not go into the dryer.



Will I buy again?  Yes, I may want to try another pair of Jack Adams from a different collection. However, I do find that they are considered a bit expensive – on the high end of the premium market.


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