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Humör is a small Canadian brand established since 2011. This Montreal line of underwear, recognized for its colorful and comfortable products, has reinvented the everyday for men of all ages. How do these boxers square off when you compare it with the other brands we reviewed.



These boxer briefs come in multiple colors. They come in eight different colors: cherry red, black, gray, mossy green, dark blue, sapphire blue, mauve (purple) and  bright yellow. All these colors do come in different color contrast branding on the left side of the boxers. The color that we are reviewing today is the gray with blue colored branding on the left side. Overall the design of these boxers uses the wide v-shape stitching in the pouch area. There is stitching that goes from top to bottom on the boxers on the left and right sides and also the back area. There is no stitching in the bum area. The waistband does not have any contrast to show the humor branding but it does have the lighter stitch to show an embossed logo with the dots. Overall these boxers look great as the design of the logo does show well.



When I wore these for the first time, I felt that the legs were very tight and the waistband was a little bit loose in comparison. I believe the tightness of the legs is to reduce the ride up of the legs. Overall it did not feel as comfortable as I would expect it to be.



These boxers are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Overall the construction is well made and the printed logo on the left side did not crack or get out of shape after the first wash. Even after wearing it for a day the logo still seems to be intact. These do not come with rip away tags but they did come with sewed on tags. I typically remove them from the boxers before wearing them because I do not want them to scratch my back. So when removing them I did notice a lot of threading around that area but it did not impact the construction of the waistband. The waistband is standard, not soft but then not intrusive to the skin. The size of the waistband is a 1.25 inches which is quite standard in many boxer briefs.


Our Views:

For a pair of boxer briefs priced at $10 a pair you shouldn’t be expecting a lot from it. What caught my eyes on this pair was the design, the humor logo on the left side really gave me some impression of some style of the JOR wear shorts that I reviewed previously. One thing that I did not like about these boxer briefs is the pouch area. The wide v-shape pouch means unnecessary fabric in the pouch area where typically underwear is double layered. Which means on hotter days your sweat is concealed in that area more.

The cotton used in this pair of boxer briefs are definitely not the highest grade possible.  The fabric is not smooth/soft at all.  I would say that it’s standard cotton at this price point.  Rubbing my hands over the fabric, I do feel a little of the rough surface, but it’s not enough to make any part of your skin feel bad.  At least I twig down there did not feel the roughness down there.

The legs do ride up a bit, to a point where the m & o of the logo is crunched in. It does not create any discomfort but it does add to more fabric in the crotch area, so extra heat will build up around your package.

I would say that this pair disappoints me a bit on the comfort level. These look great over how they perform. But again back to the $10 pair of underwear, I don’t think I should be expecting the performance of a $30 pair. Sometimes you’ll wonder if the $30 pair performs three times better than this $10 piece.

I’ll say on a cool day with less activity these may be okay, but the tightness around the legs did create an impression on the first wear. Plus the tightness didn’t really prevent the legs from riding up.



NO. One try is enough.

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