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Hugo Boss is a German company that produces clothing, accessories, footwear and fragrances. I don’t see Hugo Boss as a company specializes in underwear. They are more of a company that sells clothing with the need to include undergarments.

Regular-rise stretch-jersey trunks with logo waistband
Masculine trunks by BOSS, crafted in single jersey made with cotton, modal and a touch of stretch for comfort and breathability. Cut with a regular rise, these trunks are finished with a striped waistband overprinted with a cropped-effect logo for a dynamic look. This pair offers a dependable foundation for everyday outfits.



These regular-rise jersey trunks have a logo waistband. The styling of this pair of trunks is decent with a solid bright blue color fabric and a two tone striped waistband with an overprinted cropped-effect logo. One important thing to note is the stitching of the waistband is not on the back of the trunks, but on both sides. So from a front and back view of the underwear, the waistband looks uniformed and good looking. From the side view, you can see the stitch of the waistband.



They are well fitted – as expected with a cotton/modal combination fabric. There is no compression, but just enough to hold itself in place so that you don’t feel the underwear.



I have no complaints with the construction of these trunks. They are made of 48% cotton, 47% modal and 5% elastane. The combination of these fabric is quite interesting. You see a lot of underwear with pure cotton and elastane or modal with elastane, and rarely see a combination of cotton and modal. I guess it gives you the best of two worlds.


Our Views:

The color of these trunks are sharp and if you in situations where you are only in your underwear, you will definitely draw some attention to your lower body. Hugo Boss does offer other bright colors like: Turquoise, yellow and also have some conservative colors for the conservative you. You can consider these as sporty trunks which is made with some blend of cotton and modal

The seams are flat and are ergonomic which makes them comfortable. The two tone waistband does give some statement, but hiding a little of the bottom part of the logo.

The pouch area is dual layered and has an external piping to ensure the structure is kept under rough conditions. The internal side is flat to ensure there is no rubbing in the sensitive area. The cut in the pouch does give you a lot of space for various sizes of packages. There is enough stretch – a stress ball can be added and it still very comfortable.

The legs do ride up a bit, but it wasn’t a problem. There are times where I noticed that I had to stand up and pull the legs back down.

Overall, these trunks are good, but there is a lot of choice when it comes to the price ($30 USD) of these trunks. You can get similar quality with real separation/pouch like: 2UNDR, BN3TH or SAXX for the same price. I think you are paying a bit more for the brand. Don’t get me wrong, these are not bad. It’s only when it comes to value, there are other options – I bought these when they were on sale at $20 USD. It feels much better at $20 and I think it’s well worth it.



Will I buy another one? Maybe, there isn’t a lot to make me feel it’s worth to have a wardrobe of these identity trunks.


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