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Hugo Boss AG, often styled as BOSS, is a German luxury fashion house headquartered in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. The company sells clothing, accessories, footwear and fragrances. They have high end clothes and then they have lower end products like their underwear which are very affordable.



These low rise cotton briefs are designed for all day comfort. I don’t shave my pubic hair so they do show a little above the waistband but it’s not too bad. These briefs have a classic, clean looking design with no fly. The low rise waist is a nice touch and it sets them apart from regular baisc briefs. The lined contor pouch has a small seam down the middle and gives a lot of support. The sides and rear are seamless with elastic leg openings. The elastic waistband says Hugo Boss over and over.

They come in packs of thee with three color options:

  • All black
  • One navy, one grey & one blue,
  • One black, one light grey & one dark grey



In my experience the leg openings for these briefs don’t get stretched out and loose throughout the day. I have big legs and a small waist and I find that lots of briefs cut off my circulation but these are comfortable for me to wear all day and to sleep in.

You can look at my pictures to get an idea of how they might fit you, I took some pointing up and some pointing down to give you a better idea. These briefs might not work for guys who have a big package because the pouch is a little small, if you’re interested you can read my flaccid penis size in my bio so you can judge whether these would work for you.



These briefs are 100% cotton and I would say that the construction is great. I have owned these for over a year now and I wear them pretty regularly and washed them many times and they’re still in great condition.


Our Views:

I got the navy, grey and blue briefs and although they’re a little tight they’re extremely comfortable. I don’t notice underwear lines through my pants when I wear these because of design.

The pouch is reinforced with a second layer of fabric and the sides and back are just one layer. There is no fly so you will have to go over the gate.

The only downside I can see is that the pouch is a bit restrictive and my package gets squished together and when I go to pee it is all stuck together which is uncomfortable. Sometimes my boys get sweaty after hours of wearing them. If you pull them up higher the pouch becomes a little uncomfortable and they become too tight on your taint/butt but since they’re low rise you don’t really need to pull them up higher.

I love a good classic pair of briefs which is why I chose these and the low rise design elevates them a little bit. Briefs work well for me because I have muscular thighs/quads and when I wear boxer briefs they show lines through my pants across the legs. My favorite color that I got is the blue pair because they’re the most trendy and sporty but the grey and navy are great too and they’re all the same great fit.



Will I buy another one? Yes. I would buy another 3 pack of these again and I will consider trying other Hugo Boss underwear in the future!


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Love this site for honest reviews with real pics of real men in everyday situations. We are healthy men with a penis. We get aroused all day. Great seeing what happens to the underwear in various stages of arousal


these are my favorite comfort briefs. the cotton feels wonderful and they hug just right. thoroughly surprised they’re far above the typical “fashion” underwear.

Tommy L

Hi guys. Great review Cam. I just started looking thru the reviews with the highest rating. I can see why you like these. The show off the assets well. Looks like you can put him to the side if the need arises – altho it will go all the way to the side on you. They look soft which is nice when you’re hard. haha


Awesome review Cam. I see you feel the pouch is a little small. Do you think the back is too or are they just a higher cut?


Like George said, we come to this site to see and hear real world experience with different underwear. Keep the TMI coming, haha.

George W

It’s TMI in a conversation at the bar, but here is what other guys want to know. They don’t talk about these things at a bar saying how their underwear is treating them. This is the place for that type of conversation.


I agree! This is the miracle of WearViews. Underwear reviews by real guys discussing the real pros and cons with example photos is a blessing. In my world no one talks about their underwear. Not even at the gym where I see some really great views of underwear I would like to know more about. I would be bat shit crazy to approach a dude and ask to peek inside to see how well his cock and balls are supported. Not happening in my world. That’s why I love WearViews so much!!

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