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HOOK is not a well known brand in underwear.  Developed by two childhood friends who created an online store to offer underwear for men in 2010.  They were tired of seeing traditional brands offering merchandise where items was unreasonably overpriced for the quality and comfort offered. How does this Hook Renew 2.0 Boxer square off?


This pair of HOOK Renew 2.0 is with the boring black, with red as the contrast colour. There is a lot of red stitching all over the underwear and I will explain it more in the construction section. Overall these stitching does help making the boxers a little bit more interesting. The waistband has 4 embossed HOOK logos and in the front, they stitch another HOOK logo. They did take care of the connection of the waistband with another HOOK patch to cover-up the connection stitch.


The fit of these boxers are great. They are just fitted – no compression at all. The pouch area fits my package well and supported. There is a lot of stitching in the back which maybe that Bunform technology for bum enhancement.



These boxers are made with 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. The whole boxer is made with mesh fabric including the pouch. The pouch area has 2 layers of mesh fabric to reduce exposure of your boys at the gym. The pouch construction is very similar to the SAXX Kinetic Boxers, but the pouch area uses thicker fabric. However, the 2 layers of mesh fabric starts where with the black stitch about an inch under the waistband and not from the waistband. I assume this was done to cool the pouch area a bit more. There is red stitching seams around the pouch area, a U shape stitch in the back, with two stitches that connect the back U to the bottom of the thigh. There is also stitching across the the perineal area between the two thighs and the U stitch near the butt hole – you can see the stitching close up in the last photo. Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the stitching and design.


Our Views:

HOOK is in the middle ground in pricing in comparison to other brands like SAXX and BN3TH which is about 25% higher in price point.  These boxers are quite comfortable as the design is similar to other brands that I have provided views on (BN3TH, NU, 2UNDR).  The Sack PACK eliminates friction between the legs and your boys during workouts or physical activity.  There is no need to re-position the boys.  At times I notice my boys were not in the sack (bottom part) and in some ways defeats the purpose of the sack.  However, it does not feel that something is wrong since the side walls of the sack pack are still protecting rubbing from the thighs.  When the boys do fit in to the sack, there is no lifting that will make it feel un-natural.  Overall, I am quite pleased with this pair.  The underwear also does not roll up the thigh and is very breathable and soft.  The fabric is cool to touch and it’s cooling capabilities are nice since I haven’t felt my boys were hot and sweating throughout the day. They are on the slim fit (fitted) side for sizing and fit.  As with the Bunform Technology – the structural seams are designed for superior bun enhancement.  I’ll need you guys to tell me if it’s really an enhancement or not.  I can’t really see what enhancement it’s suppose to provide.  There is no fly to this underwear which means you will have to go over the gate. To me this doesn’t matter since even with with a fly, I don’t use it that often.

With pouch underwear, HOOK is not bad overall. I would say it’s close to BN3TH or even better.



Will I buy again? YES. I actually purchased a pair of HOOK Feel to review soon.



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