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HOOK is not a well known brand in underwear.  Developed by two childhood friends who created an online store to offer underwear for men in 2010.  They were tired of seeing traditional brands offering merchandise where items was unreasonably overpriced for the quality and comfort offered.  There mission is simple –  is to create the most comfortable underwear on the planet, at a fair price, for proud and active men.  I recently purchased the Renew 2.0 Boxer brief and was pleased, so I decided to buy another pair from their Feel collection.  I will be provide details on this collection and also be comparing it with the Renew collection in this review.



This pair of boxers is not exciting and very subtle in style. These are definitely a little bit better than the solid colors that I’ve been reviewing recently. The styling of these are very similar to the Renew 2.0 boxer briefs. The waistband is black with a piece of fabric with the Hook logo right in the center of the waistband. The Hook logo is actually smaller than the Hook Renew 2.0 version. In the photos the Hook branding across the waistband looks like it was printed on it with the reflection, but it is actually stitched all across the waistband. The height of the waistband is exactly the same as the Renew 2.0 so it doesn’t look like there is much difference in the two versions. The waistband is about 1.25 in in height and has a hook fabric covering the the edges of the waistband to cover up the stitches.



The fit of these boxers initially felt a bit smaller than the Renew 2.0.  Both boxers were are sized medium, but the feel collection definitely feels a little bit tighter. Since these are made with 95% bamboo rayon and 5% spandex, They don’t feel as cool to touch and feel more like a day-to-day pair of boxer briefs. Wearing these in hot conditions may not wick away your sweat as much as the Renew 2.0. They are using new technology which perfectly stitches structured seams to fit closer to your form.

In comparison to the Renew 2.0 the stitching is very similar. There is two stitching sections that is missing in comparing to the two pairs.  This version – the Feel does not have the stitching between the bum to the bottom of your thighs. The additional stitching allows more active movement and that is why it is available in the Renew 2.0 and not this Feel version. Overall the stitching is very similar to support your package and also to ensure that everything fits to your body.

The legs do roll up a bit while sitting at my desk and they don’t roll all the way to the groin area because of the length of the inseam. There are times you will need to adjust and pull them back down.



Overall the construction of these boxers are at par to to the Renew 2.0 and other underwear brands. The flats seem stitching ensures that there is no shafting while you’re wearing this pair. The waistband is soft but it could be softer. However it does feel a little bit better than the Renew 2.0. There is a tag on the back that you will need to remove before wearing it. I don’t feel that you need to remove it since it’s quite soft, but if you are worried with it rubbing against your back, you may consider taking it off. They are not rip off type, so you’ll need a pair of scissors to remove it and make sure you don’t cut the wrong thread.


Our Views:

I was surprisingly please with the Renew 2.0 pair, so that is why I wanted to try the more day-to-day version by Hook. The bamboo rayon has principles of cool to touch,  but I do feel that the Renew version is actually cooler to touch. The fabric also has properties of being highly breathable and with moisture-wicking abilities; however, I did feel a little bit hotter with this pair and I did sweat a lot more while wearing it.  Fortunately I didn’t feel that it was sticking to my package which actually means that the wicking properties are working.  The fabric is soft and feels more like a everyday pair of boxers when you’re lounging around in the house or walking in the malls. One good property of the bamboo rayon is that it is very environmentally friendly.

I was very impressed with the Hook Renew 2.0’s Omega Pouch; however, in this feel version the pouch is a little bit different.  In the Renew 2.0 the pouch started a lot higher – it’s about 1 cm under the waistband and it continues down all the way to the sack. This Feel collection’s Omega Pouch starts about 3 in below the waistband.  With that being said, it feels like there is a lot less support to your package. I would say more than half of my package is actually not within the pouch.  When moving left and right it is highly possible that your package will be moving a little bit left and right. But again this pair is for everyday use and not for highly active activities.  Also the bottom of the pouch feels a little bit too far down. It ends probably an inches lower than my sack, so I am not feeling much support/lift.  I’m really not sure if it is designed for sagging sacks.  May it means I am not at the age to take advantage of this version of the Omega pouch. I was wearing this pair of Boxer Briefs while writing this review – I typically wear them on the same day I write reviews. I had to take them off to measure the pouch distance, but also noticed that the pouch was quite wet – it means that I have been sweating a bit down there. I already mentioned that it was not sticky or uncomfortable earlier. I have also added a photo showing the difference between the two collection – red being the Renew 2.0 pouch lines and the blue is where the Feel pouch starts and ends. From that photo you can visually understand what I am trying to say.

Bun formed technology
This pair of boxers have bun form technology which has seams that are structurally designed so that it can enhance your bum. I’m not sure how the bun formed technology really helps, but I will need to rely on you as readers to tell me.  You’ll need to look at the photos to see if it’s anything better in form that other brands.



Will I buy this again? No –  I will buy the Renew 2.0 instead. The Omega Pouch disappoints me in this version as I don’t feel that there is much support and with the extra fabric around my package just produces more unnecessary heat.



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