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Hook Feel is a pouch underwear for men you would wear every single day. We reviewed the 2020 version before, how does the 2021 feel?  I have reviewed the Renew 2.0 Collection last year and the Feel 2020 version.  I graded the 2020 version a 3.4 stars and complained about the pouch being too low and half of my assets are not even supported by the Sack pack pouch.  My sack on the old version doesn’t even touch the U shape and it’s just hanging my itself without support.

I have been asked by one of our readers to review this Hook feel 2021 version and they have made alternations to the pouch.  Let’s see how it goes.



Hook Undies is a Canadian company headquarter in Quebec Canada.  This pair honors their roots and uses the lily flower symbol as a pattern in the blue pair of boxers.  If guys who don’t know what this is, will just think that it’s a pattern.  As a guy who have visited Quebec during vacation, I definitely know what this symbol means for Quebecers.

They moved the Hook logo from the middle to the side and now have embedded it into the waistband instead of a fabric patch.  It does make it look more seamless design and the back stitch is covered by the Hook fabric patch which is exactly the same as the previous version and it does make it a bit more premium (hides the stitch).



The fit of these boxers feels well fitted and not compressed to the body.  Initial the 2020 version felt tighter and smaller, while this version feel right to size.  I stacked both versions together and found that this pair is a little wider and longer.

The legs did roll up a bit, but nothing alarming that causes discomfort.  I did feel that they are better overall when you compare to the previous version.



These boxer briefs are made out of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.  The flats seem stitching ensures that there is no chafing while you’re wearing this pair. The waistband is soft but it could be softer.  This pair is tagless and they have printed the care instructions on the fabric.


Our Views:

I was not impressed with the older version of the Feel Collection and enjoyed the Renew 2.0 version.  The design overall hasn’t changed too much in the feel collection like the fabric combination.  One thing that changed was the Sack Pack Pouch has moved up a bit and that was one of the biggest concern I had with the older feel boxer briefs.

The bamboo fabric also has properties of being highly breathable and with moisture-wicking abilities; however, I did feel a little bit hotter with this pair and I did sweat a lot more while wearing it.   I checked on the U shape pouch to see if I was sitting on the pouch throughout the day, and I did feel the fabric was a bit wet/cool, which means I have been sweating a bit down there.  Fortunately I didn’t feel that it was sticking to my package which actually means that the wicking properties are working. The fabric is soft and feels more like a everyday pair of boxers when you’re lounging around in the house or walking in the malls. As I have mentioned before,  bamboo rayon is that it is environmentally friendly and helps the environment.


The biggest change I would say with 2021 version is the pouch design.  The old version was started about 3 inches below the waistband; while this version starts about 2 inches below the waistband.  As a reference the renew version started about 1 cm under the waistband.   The old version, half of my package was outside the pouch boundaries and it didn’t help from left/right motions as my guy will just move away from the pouch.  This version is much better – the 1 inch makes a difference and now the pouch starts at the base of my penis so that it helps keep everything in place.

They said the pouch is wider and is spacier than the 2020 collection.  I did notice that the pouch is indeed larger.  If you compare the photos of the two pouches, the new pouch looks much larger and my lower-average size assets doesn’t fully fill the pouch and looks like there is room for much larger sizes.


One thing to note is that they no longer sell the Bun formed technology.  The old version had a U shape stitch in the bum area to help structure the bum.  The new version no longer has such stitch – the stitch that connects the front and back panel is on the sides.

This pair also has the inseam gusset between the front and back panels.  This gusset should help the comfort of the boxer briefs and because there is a sack pack pouch, the gusset stitch wouldn’t cause any unnecessary rubbing.



Will I buy another one? Yes – this version is definitely better than the older generation.





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I really appreciate the detail you put in, especially with the pouch construction. I’m still trying to find a pouch that supports me comfortably. The way you describe these I think this may be what I’m looking for. I will try a pair. Thanks for the complete review!


From the inside pic it almost looks like there is a flap/pouch similar to Saxx. Do these have a pouch like that or is it just a little extra fabric around the seam?

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