HOM Plume G-String $24 USD
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As light as a feather, this HOM thong in polyamide elastane gives a perfect second-skin sensation in many different colours white, black, red, navy blue, blue and nude and multiple seasonal colors for any time of the year.

A brief summary of the review
Great thong minimalist material just covers the front area small waistband around the side and between the buttocks only one centimeter wide.


These thong I’m reviewing comes in many different colours. This pair I’m reviewing is in red colour. Design is very comfortable for all day wear feel free no material around the buttocks leaving them exposed cheeky feeling very light underwear.



These fit very well on my body in size medium and everything stays in place no adjustments needed waistband doesn’t roll up or move.



The material is a blend of: 76% polyamide, 24% elastane. Overall construction is great and doesn’t have any loose threads or no problems.

Our Views:

When fitted they feel nice on the skin due to the very minimal material and give my penis room to move about in the front cool feeling no need to adjust them during the day. When wearing them my penis was pointing up.



Will you buy them again? Yes – Great for all day wear keeping everything fresh buttocks exposed.


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As a male heterosexual I identify myself more with women and I started to wear G-strings since I noticed that many women wore them. However, I disliked them in the beginning and I discovered that many women have had the same experience.
Whereas men probably would have given up, women correctly advised to not give up too quickly because it just takes some time to get used to it and also to find more comfortable G-strings. I have learned very much from women when it comes to underwear.

George W

Very good comments. It can apply to a lot of life experiences.


The HOM Plumes G-string is one of my favorite underwear for daily wear. I wear it with the matching HOM Plumes T-shirt V Neck.

George W

Looks good!

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