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These Comfort Soft undershirts from Hanes comes with FreshIQ technology which has odor protection to attach odor-causing bacteria in your shirts that cause it to smell.  They also sell that the Comfort Soft fabric feels great against your skin.


For many, styling for undershirts don’t matter much because you may be the only person who will see wearing it. Think about your partner or your girlfriend? They may see it and may even help you take them off. Some other guys will actually wear them during the summer months when it gets too hot. Tanks or Athletic Shirts (A-Shirts) do not have much style. They also have a lot of bias when guys where these shirts – some may consider you a wife beater… I hope not. These look very standard and do not have anything special.



Fitted. They are very flexible and stretchy.  From the photos, you can see that the shirt can expand from after wash to after worn.



I understand undershirts aren’t seen by many people and the care for perfect construction is not necessary top priority.  You can see in the last photo the stitching extends beyond the shoulder part of the tank.  They didn’t bother to finish the stitch so that there is a seamless stitch.


Our Views:

With that being said, these undershirts are great value $16 USD for 6 shirts ($2.67USD per shirt).  In comparison to Amazon Essential shirts, they are about the same price range. The material is 100% cotton which is great; however, at this price range it’s very rough.  I won’t say it’s soft at all.   In comparison, the Amazon shirts are much softer, but these Hanes are thicker overall.  I am not sure what is “ComfortSoft”?  This is nowhere soft at all.



Will I buy again? No – the rough fabric is the killer.  If I can get Amazon Essentials at similar price range, I would pick them over these “ComfortSoft” shirts.

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