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I saw my trainer wearing one in the locker room, he told me they provide better support in the pouch and less restriction in legs than normal underwear so I decided to try one out. I went on Amazon and found these for 11.99 and decided to try them out. I went online and found out that jockstraps have been worn by athletes since 1927. I really like the fit and they are a great alternative to normal underwear for the gym. This was the first jockstrap I bought and it’s also my favorite!

Some info I found on

GYM Jockstrap is a new brand introduced in 2017 to replace the popular BIKE brand. These jocks are manufactured by the same company that made the BIKE brand line of jockstraps and athletic supporters. Some new color options have also been introduced along with larger sizes running up to size 3XL.

Info about this specific Jock:

GYM 3″ Old School Jockstrap:
The GYM 3″ Old School jockstrap is a remake of the old white Bike #10 model 7110. The jockstrap is available in 3 colors with the first being all white with thin Red and Blue tracer stripes in the 3″ waistband. Second is black with White tracer stripes and Heather Grey with red/blue tracer stripes. Made with a hefty 3″ wide waistband and 1/2 leg straps. This is a replica of the Bike Vintage Throwback Edition but some improvements have been made to correct the smaller sizing. The sizing of this product now matches the 1″ and 2″ jockstraps.

Please Note: The Red, Royal and Yellow colors have strong waistbands with less stretch than white, black and grey. You may need to go up one size with those colors.



I think the thick waistband gives it a classic look but some may not like it if they prefer a more trendy look. There are red and blue lines on the waistband and a GYM branded patch sewn on in the center.

They’re a bit higher waisted than some of my normal underwear but because it’s wider it provides some compression which is nice.



This jockstrap fits pretty well in the pouch once you adjust it to the position you want. Your boys are supported pretty well because it’s part rubber but they definitely get sweaty from being stuck together so firmly.



The stitching is spot on and they’ve never had any stray strings even after many washes.

The pouch is made up of 20% cotton, 25% rubber and 55% nylon and the waistband and straps are 30% rubber and 70% polyester.


Our Views:

It took me while to get used to the fact that there’s no back to jockstraps but once I got over it I actually like that feature.

Jockstraps provide a different level of support than I’ve been able to get from regular underwear so that’s why I wear them. My girlfriend said that she likes how they show off my buns lol. I only wear these for a few hours at a time while I’m exercising so they have stayed nice for a long time but recently I’ve noticed that the pouch and waistband are a bit discolored, I’m not sure if that’s because I washed them with dark colors or from repeated use over time.

The pouch is roomy enough for someone like me who is more average size (check my stats in my bio if you need to compare) and I think it would be big enough for a well endowed guy as well because there is some excess fabric in the pouch when I wear them. They don’t create a big bulge under pants or shorts so you don’t have to worry about that but they can be almost see through if the pouch is stretched too much.

I have not really gotten a boner in this jockstrap because I only wear it at the gym but I took pictures with an erection for the purpose of this review. I would say that the pouch is actually almost stretchy enough for my boner to stick straight out but you probably would just want to put it in the waistband facing up or facing sideways could be more discreet.



Will I buy another one? Yes. I have ordered a replacement for these already. They’re so cheap – I ordered 2 pairs.


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Thanks for this review! Does that large 3” band roll down at all while you’re working out? I can’t decide what brand of jock to buy next for working out and am still not convinced on Gym.


Another solid review dude. Love how thorough you are with the pics you’re always good about that. Looks like these have good package fit and some nice cheek support as well!


Haha no worries man mine is probably even harrier than yours 😂

Tommy L

I remember this style from jr. high. The back bands were always loose back then but I had less of a butt in those days. 😂 and definitely less hairy. lol.

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