Goodfellas - Mens Boxer with Zip Front $16 GBP
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  • Materials
  • Pouch
  • Cooling
  • Fit


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Comfortable fitting boxer with zipper front great for them existing times.



These boxers I’m reviewing come in black. Design is very comfortable can get warm due to the material used.


These are a very snug fit on my body due to the sizing ether S/M 30″-34″, 76-86cm or L/XL 34“-38″, 86-96cm everything stays in place no adjustments need waistband doesn’t roll up or move which is great.



The material is :
Elasticated Waistband
Overall construction is good.


Our Views:

When fitted they feel nice on the skin due to polyester/spandex material. My penis has plenty of room to move about in the front pouch. No need to adjust them during the day. When wearing them my penis was pointing up.

Has a label on the back of the underwear which don’t like prefer a tagless label or printed on the underwear. Can be painful/ uncomfortable if you get you penis trapped in the zipper I’ve only done this ones. They do have a protective layer of material on the inside to act barrier to try and stop this happening.


Will I buy another one? Yes – Great fun underwear



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Wow these are different! I kind of like the zipper style! I bet your wife likes these George 😁

I’m assuming these are not good for those unexpected moments when your guy starts growing as they don’t seem like they’re very stretchy from the pics.
Does the zipper work as a fly or it strictly for looks?

George W

Sorry Cam. My wife won’t like these since this is not my review. I forgot to change it the correct author. I have updated it.


haha I was surprised that you would wear these underwear tbh! It makes more sense that it wasn’t you!

Last edited 1 year ago by Cam
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