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NU is another brand that is not well known.  From their website, it looks like it falls under a collection of brands: Body Skin, Hook and NU.  I have review the NU Athletic collection and was pleased with their boxer for active wear.  Also in this review we learn what does NU really mean.



These “Get NU” boxer briefs are in bright red and have a lot of style to them. The waistband has a big Get NU logo with multiple lines going across the waistband. Where the waistband meets there is a piece of fabric that is stuck on both sides of the end stitch. This is the first time I’ve seen the end stitch being covered in both sides, usually they are covered from the exterior side of the waistband. There are two contrast lines on both sides of the legs from the waistband all the way down to the thigh. On this pair we have a red boxer brief with black/red/gray stripes on the side. The stitching of the seams are all in red and very limited; therefore, red dominates this pair of boxer briefs. In fact all exterior stitch is covered by a piece of red fabric so that you don’t even see the stitch at all.



These boxers fit very well. They are not tight at all and i would say that they are just the right size. There is no compression at all since they designed it for a relaxing day so this is not a problem.  The fabric has some stretch so that it will fit and not be too loose.



These boxers are made with 95% Bamboo Rayon and 5% Spandex.  There is a limited number of stitches in these boxers.  As noted in the style section, the pouch area and the perennial area  has fabric that covers the stitch from the exterior size.  The interior stitch has flat seams which reduces any chafing.  There were some issues with the stitching when the underwear arrived.  You can see the loose ends just below the waistband.  The good thing is the fabric piece can be removed and the boxer brief is still good.  There is a tag hanging in the back of the boxers which requires a pair of scissors to remove.  You cannot rip them off and you must remove them before wearing.  If you do not remove, it will scratch your skin in the back.


Our Views:

I was looking at all the attachments that came with the boxer and found in small red print saying “NU BEFORE GETTING NAKED”.   I was wondering why they called the brand NU and finally figured it out with this small piece of advertisement.  When you go to the website they provide (NUboxer.com) it redirects to bodyskin.ca which is based out of Montreal, Canada.  I have reviewed most of their brands or will be reviewing them.  They have NU, Hook and BodySkin.  BodySkin products will be coming shortly.

When you compare with the NU Athletic boxers I reviewed many weeks ago, this pair of GET NU has much better design.  I previously commented that the NU Athletic boxers didn’t look nice and their waistband was not great.  This one is much much better.

There are downsides to this boxer, as the legs do roll up a bit – but not enough for me to complain about it creating wedgies or too much heat.  As noted in many of my reviews, my sack typically gets hot and sweaty.  Any pair of boxers that can keep me dry and cool is a definite pass.   This pair of boxers does cause sweat, but it’s not too bad.  They are not wet to a point that I will feel disgust.  Although it does create heat and sweat, there is no stickiness with my package.

These boxers are made with environmentally friendly bamboo rayon which makes you feel that you are a bit environmentally responsible.



Will I buy again?  Maybe, I will consider buying another pair; however, if there are better options to keep me cooler down I will go with the other option.  I will say that these look nice and that is why I would reconsider.


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