Fruit of the Loom - Dual Defense Undershirt
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Get comfortable with Fruit of the Loom men’s a-shirts. These cozy tanks are designed with Fruit of the Loom quality for the ultimate comfort, durability and versatility. The sleeveless men’s shirts have a classic design, with a scoop neck. They’re crafted with soft and cozy cotton, that will keep you comfortable all day. The rib knit fabric stretches easily, offering a relaxed look and feel. The collar has a tag free design for enhanced comfort. Each tank wicks away moisture so you can stay cool and dry.



This pack that I purchased off Amazon comes with 4 different colors and 5 shirts. The colors are: indigo, red, gray and a bright blue. As all athletic shirts, the design is quite standard and they fabric is ribbed. If you like wearing these undershirts by themselves, it’s definitely better to wear ones with color and not those plain white ones. Don’t like people calling you a wife-beater!



This classic fit shirt fits quite well and snug to my body. The arm pit area is sized well, but I do feel the fabric rubbing the skin right under the armpit throughout the day. They are definitely a little shorter in length as you can see that they are not long enough to cover my package area. They end just above the package.



The fabric is made out of 100% cotton and there are no tags attached to the shirts. The logo and information is imprinted on the back, so you don’t need to tear away any tags. Overall stitching is good and I did not find any loose ends out from the beginning. The fabric is ribbed which allows the shirt to stretch and snug to your body.


Our Views:

These shirts fit well and they feel quite thick. Although they feel thick, I didn’t feel the heat buildup, so it does well wicking away moisture. The fabric is made with 100% cotton and definitely not premium cotton. The cotton is rough, but not as rough as Hanes ComfortSoft ones. The roughness is tolerable, but once you have worn smoother and softer undershirts, you may not want to wear these and may take them off immediately. There were some issues with the stitching in the arm pit area as I noted in the fit section. Because of the roughness of the fabric, I felt that the arm pit fabric was rubbing the skin just below the arm pit. I really like the colors they offer, but if they have better cotton at the same price, then it would get a good buy. As a reference, these shirts were $16 USD for 5 shirts ($3.20 per shirt) – they are just 11 cents more expensive than the Amazon essential shirts; however, these shirts are much thicker than the Amazon shirts. I noticed the color of the shirts in the photos are little different. That is not because of the discolor after a wash, but the white balance of my camera.


These shirts fit very well and the colors are great; however, the roughness of the cotton discourages me from wearing them. Will I buy them again? NO – too rough

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