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Coming from ExOfficio site: ExOfficio believes that the magic of travel, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery, or the thrill of the unknown, is a chance to create perspective and vitality by opening your mind to the wonders of the world.

They have been producing garments for travelers since 1987. Intelligently designed products with tangible benefits—including the best-selling Give-N-Go® underwear collection and lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics with bug, sun and water protection—are focused on one goal: comfortable performance.



The boxer briefs we are reviewing today come in multiple colors like black, blue and gray. Some come with contrast stitching to show off the lines. The one we are reviewing today is the blue with gray contrast stitching. These look like normal boxer briefs, but do have some unique designs in them. The waistband is about 1.25 inches and has the brand logo right in the front. Where the waistband meets they cover the stitching with a big piece of fabric showing the brand logo on the back and the size of the boxer briefs inside with a trademark – “made to adventure”.



The fit of these boxers are fitted – there is no compression at all. When wearing them it felt like I was wearing nothing. This is great since the best underwear is to have the same feeling of not wearing anything.


These boxers are made with 92% nylon and 8% spandex. They are fully meshed and have a working fly. The fly has a triangular pattern to give it some different look and support. The stitching overall is good and all the seams are flat so it would prevent any chafing.  The fabric is also very light and breathable and also dries quickly. I was washing a bunch of underwear together and hanging them up for drying and checked them out from time to time and noticed that this pair did dry much faster than the others.


Our Views:

These boxer briefs are designed for traveling and you should only bring two pairs with you without having to worry about how long you are actually going on the trip. They are designed so that you can hand wash them in the hotel or in the campsite and let them hang dry so that you can wear them the next day. The only reason why I said you bring two pairs so that you can have some variations. They do say that one pair can do it but always to be safe bring two.

When I wore them for the first time I had a feeling that they were very light and that they were very breathable. there was a feeling that they were a little bit bigger for me, it could be because I fit in the lower half of the size. Their medium starts from 32 but the small is at 30. If you want a better fit and you are between sizes I would suggest going one size down. I believe I will fit in a small and it will still feel very good.

I did feel that the pouch area was a bit loose, so I wouldn’t get the best support when traveling or hiking. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but downsizing may give me a better support feel. The pouch does not have any separation, but wearing them made me feel that there was separation. Don’t know if it is because of the design but it did feel that there was separation between my sack and my thighs.  However, I really enjoy the featherweight and the breathability of these boxer briefs.

The legs did right up a little, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Also the lightweight fabric shouldn’t cause any overheat if the legs did right up to the crotch area.

When reviewing these I noticed that they just released a version 2.0 of these sport mesh boxers. They did change the material a little bit but based on wearing the first version I really hope that the second version has improved.

I really enjoyed wearing these and looking forward one day to try out the new 2.0 and see if they are any better. So maybe the 2.0 would be the second pair and I can now go on a trip to anywhere in the world and as long as I like. Maybe when these boxers rip, it’s time to go home.

One thing that I did not do was hand wash these boxer briefs and see how well they perform. I will definitely give that a try one day and update this review.



Yes. I will definitely buy the 2.0 and give it a try.


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