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Taken from the ES Collection website:
ES Collection was founded in 2006 in Barcelona, dedicating itself to the design, manufacturing and sale of men’s swimwear. Months after first opening, and on the back of the success achieved in Spain, the expansion began into other countries and regions. Currently, the Catalan company has boutiques in some of the most important cities in the world and has a presence in more than 200 other points of sale spread throughout the world. As it currently stands, the brand is not only a designer of swimwear, but has also amazingly converted itself into a lifestyle brand.

It’s an innovative brand in its sector, something which has allowed it to differentiate itself and stand out when comparing itself to the rest of male labels. ES Collection has invested all these years and continues to invest in quality and innovation of its garments as a fundamental part of its strategy.

The brand was leading after inventing and patenting the “pack-up” in male swimwear, a pre-shaped foam cup which helps to improve aesthetics and provides an instant increased volume of the male attributes, not allowing for strange marks on the front of the swimsuit. ES Collection also introduced the solar tattoo, a semi transparent fabric which allows solar rays to penetrate through the garment and leave fun shapes on the skin, also patented by the brand. Finally, the label included various technical developments within its lines of lingerie and swimwear, such as “Dimensions” (three front groin capacities for each underwear size), the pack-up and back-up (the same concept as the female wonder bra, enabling the male attributes and back-side) and the “U-Shape” (a groin holding brief sewn into all swimwear shorts, helping men feel more comfortable when moving around freely).

It’s important to note that ES Collection equals the word quality in terms of the raw materials and fabrics its uses, as well as the finishing it gives to its garments. Located in Barcelona, we love to highlight that ES Collection manufactures almost all of its production in Spain, being one of the few labels left which proudly carries an almost extinguished phrase on its tags: MADE IN SPAIN.



This pair of trunks features mesh fabric throughout the underwear with 2 openings near the waistband.  The front opening is the smaller opening, while the back is much larger.  It is not large enough to be like the Access Trunks I’ve recently reviewed by Pump! or like Jockstraps where there is only 2 straps.

The navy blue color is dark enough to still be considered conservative, but the openings and mesh fabric does make this pair a bit more interesting.  Overall, the styling is great and it does show off your assets, but leaves room for imagination.



I wouldn’t say that this pair is compressed to your body, but it’s also not a relax fit.  I do find some areas being a bit tighter and in comparison, I feel they are similar to Pump’s fit.  Average men would fit well in the pouch, but larger sizes may find the pouch a bit tight.



Overall construction is good.  The mesh fabric is very well done and I can compare this to Pump’s mesh fabric.  Both does very well.  The fabric composition is 80% polyamide & 20% elastane, some guys may not like the polyamide fabric as their skin may not breathe well.  The mesh fabric and openings hopefully helps cool down the skin and assets.


Our Views:

When I picked this pair of underwear, I was thinking that I have reviewed a lot of traditional boxer briefs and trunks.  Recently I have reviewed the Pump! Access Trunks, Private Structure Harness Trunks that were different.  I wanted to see if I can own some more interesting underwear.  This pair feels like the Pump! Ninja Jockstrap but with a backing to cover up the butt.

At first, I was doing research on the ES Collection branding and if it they targeted a particular audience, since their underwear does go beyond everyday wear.  ES Collection offers those traditional underwear, but also has underwear that is made with lace and it complete see through to underwear that offer push up, pack up or molded that improves the visual  aesthetics of the assets.

After the research, I’ve also found out that Addicted is a sister company of ES Collection.  Addicted launch a few years after ES Collection and is a model brand within men’s fashion, and more specifically, within the gay sector, one that comes to mind when thinking about gay men’s fashion.   So with that, I believe ES Collection is designed without any orientation bias and Addicted is designed for a targeted audience.  While looking at Addicted underwear, I really can’t see that big of a different between the two brands other than the use of colors in the underwear.  Let me know in the comments below what you think between the two brands.

Now that we have the brand out of the way, let’s talk about our views on this pair of trunks.


As I said before, the reason for picking this pair was to find something different.  Mesh fabric underwear does offer a few purposes.  One important purpose is to help cool down your skin, but for some to show off your manhood.

The pouch is single layered and does not have an extra layer to absorb any residue.  After you urinate, you need to make sure you shake off any residue.  If not, it will just flow through the mesh and your outer pants would absorb the residue.  If you pre-cum, it would also soak on the outer layer and through the mesh holes.  So watch out.

The beauty of the single layer fabric pouch allows the mesh to have air to flow through and not make the pouch as hot.  Not sure if people think that it’s a down side, but it does show your penis line a bit more than some prefer.  Some may find it not comfortable wearing in the change room.


What’s different is the openings in the front and back.  The front would look better if you had manscaped the area or else you will have hair sticking out like our model.  The back opening is the top area which allows heat to dispatch so it can keep your back feel cooler.  You would notice in other underwear they have used different fabrics in the same area to allow heat to dispatch.  Rather than using a single layer fabric, they opened it up instead.  I actually do not mind having the openings as it’s not exposing anything that people can’t see.

One disadvantage of the front opening is for guys who point up.  At flaccid, I just touch the edge of the opening or at times stick out.  You would need to swing it to the sides so that the mushroom head does not come out.

I consider the opening a fly too.  I have been able to use that opening to urinate and considered it as going through the gate.

Unexpected moments

I have attempted to see how this underwear works when you have unexpected moments.  The fabric stretches enough for unexpected moments to feel ok.  There is no pain from the growth and the fabric keeps stretching.  If you point up then your will push through the front opening and erect the full way.  In some ways this underwear is not bad for masturbating as it’s quite convenient to go through the front opening.

Final Views

The underwear was a bit tight at first, but over the day I noticed that it became a bit looser.  Not sure if it needed some stretching to get it’s shape.  When it was tighter in the morning, I did feel that it pushed into one of my balls and made me feel that I got lightly kicked in the balls (I hope you know what I mean by that).  It could be the legs rolled up a bit causing too much fabric in the area and pushed into the balls a bit.

The stitching is mostly flat except for the middle stitch and the bottom stitch of the pouch.  Sensitive guys especially guys who are uncircumcised may get more unexpected moments if the foreskin were to rub that middle stitch.

ES Collection underwear does go to the next level in design and the thought of how to show off your package.  I leans towards guys who are curious and wants to have imagination of what is behind the fabric.  I would say they are very similar to Pump, but opens the brand to all men who want some special underwear and not those boring CKs or daily use underwear.


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Will I buy another one? Maybe.  This pair is different and seems to work well.  I would considering buying another ES Collection underwear.


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This trunk looks very sexy to me. The double opening looks great.
Especially the front one. You can use it as a fly and also to let out your hard boner 🙂

Tommy L

Another great review, G! I’ve been curious about ES for a long time and also about the mostly polyamide unders. They look like they would keep the overheating to a minimum and might even be good for the gym. As you mentioned, the fabric seem similar to the Pump mesh. These are kind of flashy for me, but they look soft, which is alway my #1 priority. I kind of wish they made the waistband less matte in color to go with the slightly shiny trunk, but overall they look pretty cool.
The “access” looks pretty great. Looks like it’d be really easy to “get a grip” like you said. haha. Perfect for the member area Cam started last weekend in his Separatecs. I’m trying to find the perfect pair to contribute to that section. You could make these work for that thread as well. Thanks again G! Always appreciate your reviews.

Tommy L

If the need arose, I wonder if you could get a full stroke in tho. It looks like part of you is still in the pouch even when fully hard.

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