Emporio Armani Genuine Cotton Button Fly Boxer
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Throwback Today Series

I am creating this ThrowBack Today Series *I am aware of TBT stands for Throwback Thursday) for clothing that is no longer available on the market. While I was doing some cleaning up, I found in my wardrobe a bunch of clothes that are brand new or lightly used and it seem like I forgot about them. Since they are still good to wear, I was thinking of doing a review on these clothes that may have newer versions of the same collection on the market. It’s possible that these brands have released newer modern styles of these clothing.
Emporio Armani has replace this with non-button fly version. I believe a lot of guys out there have own a pair of these boxers. This pair is made by cotton and is cool to touch at first, but does keep the heat a bit. The button fly is a bit of an older style, but is convenient when you need to go. I prefer 6″ boxer as they are bit more longer, but these are 3″ ones which I always feel that they ride up and creates some wedgie feel. The waistband is standard and not that soft in today’s standards. Men’s boxers haven’t really change much as you can see that the cutting similar to today’s cuts. The seams are well done and does not cause any shafting. They are comfortable for daily use and if you are not the active time. When sweat builds up it absorbs and does not wick it away.



These Emporio Armani boxers still look good after so many years. Button fly seems very old school since lots of boxers nowadays no longer have button flys. Button fly were thought to be convenient when you need to pee, but it does take time to unbutton before you go – so you may end up having to go over the gate. I remember times, where I have unbutton them and after going, I would just let it be – so that next time there is no need to unbutton. The waistband design is still similar to current waistband designs. I will say that these boxers have dated very well.


These boxers have 3 inch inseams, which I think they are too short. I always prefer 5 to 6 inch boxers so that they don’t ride up as easy and they don’t feel too long. Shorter boxers rides up easily and creates a wedgie feeling. When they ride up, the fabric all goes around the package which makes it less breathable and produces heat. I believe our society has changed the size measurements. This pair is a Small and I fit very well in them, while nowadays I must wear a medium.


The waistband is standard and not as soft as today’s standard. Not much has changed in men’s boxers and the seams and stitching hasn’t changed much. The seams are stitched very well and does not cause any shafting.


Our Views:

I recall that owning a pair of Armani underwear and exposing the waistband was a trend. Did you own one before? These boxers are comfortable for daily use and if you are not the active time. When sweat builds up it absorbs and does not wick it away.


Still having 2 pairs of brand new boxers in my wardrobe and I forgot about them. It means that these didn’t work for my sweaty package and they were just left there to collect dust. It means they will go to the landfill – possibility I can donate one pair since I have never wore it.

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