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Journey is the name, and comfort is the game. Whether your day’s journey takes you downtown, to lounge-town, or across town – these soft premium modal boxers were made to keep you calm, cool and collected – literally.



This pair of boxer briefs don’t have much style as it’s the conservative black throughout. I had received comments from some readers to not review black underwear as it’s not easy to see the differences and the stitching of the underwear. Unfortunately, black is a very common color in men’s underwear and is the easiest to purchase. I will definitely keep that in mind in my future reviews so that other colors will allow better view of the internals.



Overall this pair of underwear is fitted. I would say it’s a bit looser and the fabric does not stretch and wrap tightly around the body.



D+L does provide different material information. The main fabric is made with 92% Modal and 8% Spandex. The trimmings (no tear thigh) are made with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. Overall the construction is well made and have no concerns with the built quality.


Our Views:

Each pair of underwear is a little different and this pair from Devon+Lang has it’s unique attributes. The pouch area uses a crossover pocket design to help keep you package from sticking to your thighs and keep it away from rubbing against the skin. There is also a no-tear inner thigh panel that is different from the other places.

Inner Thigh – No tear panel
They have a inseam gusset which is made with a different combination of fabric which looks shiny and should be more durable. Guys who have thicker thighs will understand why a more durable fabric is needed to help reduce wear and tear. The 6 inch inseam is fitted around the legs, but they still ride a little up.  Not enough to complain about it.

The pouch area uses a crossover of two pieces of fabric. This is different from the U shape pouches and different from SAXX’s V shaped pouch. The crossover shape allow your sack to sit onto the sack and if your sack hangs lower you may not feel the lift.  It should give you the support needed and also give you more comfort.

The fabric that creates the crossover pouch could be improved.  SAXX uses a thin mesh fabric to allow air to flow, but Devon+Lang’s pouch is a made with two layers of fabric.  On hotter days, I would prefer a thinner pouch area than have 2 layers of fabric on each side of the pouch.  My sweaty package would get more sweatier in the hot summer days.


The waistband is back with embossed Devon + Lang words and the back stitch is covered with a thin piece of fabric.  I would prefer the piece of fabric is a little bit thicker and softer.  At least, they gave it some though to hide the stitching.

Final thoughts

SAXX being a Canadian underwear company which also designed the BallPark pouch.  Devon+Lang also a Canadian Company from Calgary Alberta.  Both being a Canadian company offering underwear for men.  Devon+Lang has a different though when it comes to making men’s underwear.  They still have limited collections and styles, but as a startup, they do need to ensure they have a fanbase and continue to evolve the collections and designs.  I look forward seeing Devon+Lang expanding their collection in the near future as they continue to get more men enjoying their underwear.

Men’s underwear hasn’t changed much in the years and the evolution of pouch underwear has expanded the support and comfort for men.   A lot of men do not care much on what they wear under their pants, but I do think we all should care about it so that we can experience the best pair that fits your needs.

Devon+Lang definitely has targeted men who have thighs that rub against each other and have pants that are thinner in that area.  The boxer briefs that considers the inner thigh is more unique and could be the secret sauce of success!



Will I buy another one? Yes.


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Tommy L

I feel like Canada knocks it out of the park with their underwear. Thanks for the review, George!
Anyone ever wear ginch gonch back in the day. They were Canadian too I think.


These look very tight to your ass and very thin. Comfy looking though. Thanks for the review

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