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George WGeorge W (130)

Founder & Author
I'm a guy who is interested in wearing the best undergarments possible, because I believe that undergarments touch your skin/body the most.  You got to treat yourself with the best.  However, you can't buy every piece of clothing on the market to try, so I created this site to write my honest thoughts with no hiding on clothing in my wardrobe and hopefully others will join.

avatar for LawrenceLawrence (7)

I've been into underwear since my teens. During my 20s I got bolder with styles (jocks, thongs, bikinis). For the past several years I've worn mostly trunks because I like the added coverage without sitting so low on the leg. I want men to feel comfortable, physically and socially, wearing the underwear they like while having the freedom to explore what's out there.

avatar for MickMick (5)

I am a young underwear fanatic. The underwear I mainly wear is pouch underwear. It is not always easy to find good underwear when you are well endowed and that's why I like to share my search with you. I bumped into Wearviews and found that these guys provide honest reviews on underwear and would think that I am a good addition to this team. Since all men have unique sizes, the same piece of underwear can have different views and my goal is to give you my honest views on the underwear I own.

avatar for SimonSimon (4)

I have always had a passion for underwear, I love the idea that something you wear under your clothes can make you feel so confident and sexy. I stumbled across this site as I was trying to find some honest opinions about the Separatec dual pouch underwear, and I am glad I did find this website.  George’s honest opinion’s has inspired me to review some of the underwear I own in the hope that it will help assist other men when they are looking at new brands to try out.

Mike LMike L (3)

Most clothing review features models, or model-like bodies.  But men come in different shapes and sizes.  I am inspired by George's honest approach and decided to join and contribute my two cents. I hope this will help other guys find clothing that looks good and feels good on them.

avatar for JakeJake (2)

I have had a love of underwear since I got my first pair of Yellow Calvin Klein briefs back in the mid 80’s. Currently I have over 500 pairs in every style and color imaginable. I am not biased on any style, I choose the underwear I wear daily based on what I will be doing and wearing, most often I also choose a color that matches my attire and or the holiday/occasion that it might be! I am honored that George asked me to join Wearviews. My hope is that I can help others in their underwear purchases by giving you reviews of my favorite and my mistake buys!

avatar for JasonJason (1)

I’m a mid-30s guy that’s on the larger size but is working out to bring that down has recently realized there are many different underwear styles and types out there for males, and it’s not just the lady’s that get to have choices for comfort/ confidence and even sexiness 😂.... time for the males to get the fun in the underwear world I think!!