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Clever Moda underwear for men is a Colombian based men’s designer underwear manufacturer with an Latin flavor. They claim that South American men demand as much style, flair and sexiness from their underwear as they do from the rest of their clothes. You will notice that their designs differs from other underwear companies.

They call these boxer briefs, but they do say they are trunk-style boxer briefs. This is where terminology differences around the world of men’s underwear.


This pair of trunks are in white with a touch of gold around the waistband. White underwear typically shows off your assets more because of the color causes greater reflection when you compare it to black or darker colors. The gold color on white is not as visible as other darker colors. Gold does mean luxury for many and maybe that is why it’s a nice style.



We are reviewing this as a medium and South American and Asian sizes are typically a bit smaller in size and this part is marked 32″ in comparison to 32-24 in other brands. I do not feel these as overly tight, but definitely a bit tighter than other boxer briefs in medium size. For guys who are on the higher end of the size, you may want to consider upsizing.



Clever claims that these are handmade in Colombia, South America with Colombian and USA fabrics. The fabric are composed with 78% Nylon and 22% Elastane.


Our Views:

As mentioned before in the styling, the nylon white fabric does show outlines of your assets more and if you are a shy guy, you may not want to wear these in the changeroom by itself. If you don’t care much like me, then wear them and show off what you have. I’ve said this many times that I like white underwear because it does tell us it’s time to throw them out. White underwear will change colors over time either gray, yellow, brown, or whatever it has gone through. If it’s no longer white, throw them out. It goes with undershirts too – I can’t stress more on that. Most men will change their underwear daily and some guys change a few pairs a day, but a white pair of underwear will let you know it’s dirty and it’s time to for shower and change.

The waistband is thick from the back to the pouch area where it changes to an thinner elastic style. The Clever branding is gold in color and the inside has much more gold color that then exterior side. The gold thread is not very smooth and as you rub against the threads, you do feel some sort of friction on the skin. The good part, the waistband does not move much, so the rubbing is less concerning.

The fabric is stretchy enough to allow larger assets to fit in and not feel it being too tight. My average size package does not feel compressed to the body and has room to stretch when unexpected events occur. The fabric is very smooth and does feel nice when you touch it by hand. My sweaty assets are not great with Nylon that does not have mesh as Nylon typically holds heat and sticks when it gets warm. When you get heat buildup, then you also get smell – not a good thing.

Next thing is the stitching in the interior side of the trunks. The panels are actually stitched together in the middle of the underwear and not from the front and back. You can call it the left and right panels. the stitch goes from the front to the back right in the middle of the underwear with some stitching in the perineal area to put the legs together. The stitch in the perineal area just sits below the sack so there is no rubbing on the sack. However, they did use superimpose stitching techniques on that stitch which means the stitch sticks out a bit and movements could cause rubbing.

The pouch area stitches also uses superimposed stitches and it does not feel good. As you move the stitches rub against the skin and even creates marks on my skin. Fortunately the middle stitch is considered flat, but still a bit thicker than other flat stitches out in the marketplace.

The area where the waistband converts to a thinner band is where the biggest problem area. The bulge of the stitching eats into my skin and rubs against it. I can feel an uncomfortable pain when wearing this pair of underwear. It got to a point mid-day, I had to change the underwear to another pair. Too bad.



Will I buy another one? No.



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