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Calvin Klein is no stranger to underwear. They are perhaps the best-known designer brand of underwear for men. They offer a wide variety of cuts, styles, and fabrics. There is something for everyone, though they won’t win any prizes for originality.



The Steel Micro Low-Rise Trunk comes in black, white, navy, and yellow with a different combination of waistbands. The gray pair I’m wearing in the pictures is not listed on the CK website but is available on Amazon. The waistband is wide and smooth with a flat seam in the back. There is a contoured pouch similar to other CK underwear.



These are fitted and border on compression. They are not tight, but keep everything positioned exactly where it should be. Throughout the day they maintain their shape. The thighs are a little snug around the openings, but it helps prevent rolling and riding up. There is ample stretch to accommodate any movement. The contoured pouch is very supportive on my average sized package. My boys don’t feel squished and there is limited need to adjust throughout the day.



My favorite thing about this underwear is the fabric. It has forever ruined my impression of nearly all other underwear. The 89% nylon, 11% elastane feels like the ideal mixture of light weight, stretch, quick drying, smooth, and durable fabric. The stitching is not perfect. There are some loose stitches and threads poking out in a few spots. Reviews on the CK website report the seams opening up in a short time. I have not experienced this same issue. My previous pair has mild pilling after several years of wear and washing/drying.


Our Views:

I started wearing CK underwear almost 15 years ago when I lived near a CK outlet store. At that time I was exploring the different options and ended up falling in love with a couple pairs of trunks that I still have today (I know it sounds gross, but they have held up very well through years of washing and drying.) I would branch out and try other brands or styles periodically, but I always came back to my CK trunks. After moving away I could no longer find trunks with similar construction or fabric, and they weren’t available online. I was finally able to find the fabric details which pointed me to the Steel Micro series. I bought my first pair almost 5 years ago and you can barely tell they aren’t new. I recently decided to stock up again in case they are no longer available and my new pair is the basis of my review today.

If my intro didn’t tell you enough, I love this underwear. They are comfortable and durable. Throughout my day they keep me supported well and don’t ride up. I’ve never experienced a wedgie or had them cut up into my groin. They don’t breathe as well as some fabrics and I have gotten a little too sweaty from time to time. They dry quickly, though, and I’ve never experienced them feeling sticky. The pouch fits me and my average sized penis perfectly. A very well-endowed man may feel a bit cramped, but would fit. Getting a boner is not very comfortable as there isn’t really anywhere to go. I can position up and to the side, but that’s not how I normally sit so it feels awkward. The waistband is tight enough that I don’t accidentally pop out the top.

There is no fly so you have to go over the gate, but that has honestly never been a problem. Even if I don’t undo the button on my jeans, I can easily whip the waistband down to pee then it snaps back into place quickly.


Will I buy another one? Yes, and I already have. I think I’ve been pretty blatantly obvious about my feelings here. Now that I’ve started trying out some dual pouch underwear, I’m a little sad that I may make the switch away from my CKs. If I find a great dual pouch with the fabric of this underwear, I will be hard-pressed to stay loyal.



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Tommy L

Thanks for the review, Lawrence. Looks like you are a redhead or fair at least like me. For me that means super sensitive skin. These pretty comfortable? They seem to hold you fairly well. Hard to tell from pics but seem like a size up might work for you as well.


Great review. These look really good on you bro. I go back and forth between whether or not I like briefs or trunks better for every day west but I may have to try these out based on how much you like em lol

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