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Throwback Today Series

I am creating this ThrowBack Today Series *I am aware of TBT stands for Throwback Thursday) for clothing that is no longer available on the market. While I was doing some cleaning up, I found in my wardrobe a bunch of clothes that are brand new or lightly used and it seem like I forgot about them. Since they are still good to wear, I was thinking of doing a review on these clothes that may have newer versions of the same collection on the market. It’s possible that these brands have released newer modern styles of these clothing.

Calvin Klein is well known for his underwear and they have stores just to sell you Calvin Klein underwear.  Many well known artist wears Calvin’s in their ads and there are tons of models, colors and  you name it.  This pair of Calvin Klein One Microfiber Low Rise Trunk has all the body-cooling advantages of microfiber packed into one extremely sporty, sexy, supportive package. How did I get a hold of this pair? Let’s see how these measure up…



Wow. One word to talk about the styling of this trunk. Was googling around to figure out what CK call this pattern and found out they are called “Polka Dot”. It does make sense since there are a bunch or circles on different shades of blue. I would say this is one of the good looking underwear I own. I like bright colors for certain situations and dark for certain the conservative times. These trunks are actually different from other trunks, since the front fabric is actually shorter than the back. There doesn’t seem to be an inseam which does make this a bit unique. This is most likely the shortest I can accept because anything shorter will expose my hairy groin area which will not look too good. Now you know why I don’t review briefs, thongs or other type of underwear. One day it may happen since I do have some cheap underwear from China that I may decide one day to review and post. Leave me comments below if you really want me to review them. The Calvin Klein logo on the left side of the waistband and the stitching of the waistband is covered by a CKOne badge. The newer version now says CK One on the waistband and there is no fabric to cover up the waistband stitch on the back. There is a new tab on the right to say CKOne on the right back side. Overall, the new version and this older version looks very similar.



This pair of trunks just fit when you put them on. The gusset area has a contour pouch to help support your boys. The short inseam doesn’t roll up much which means there is less fabric to produce heat – you can see in the photo on the inseam when I’m wearing them. I wouldn’t say that there is no heat at all, but I would say they are very good managing heat. There is no fly in these trunks, so they need to be pulled down. There is no compression at all, but would say there are well fitted.



The material is soft, smooth and shiny. Unlike the Light collection trunk that I review a few days ago, this pair is not very transparent.  They are well made and the stitching is good.  The waistband is considered smooth, not sure if you call it soft – there are softer waistbands out there. The jock cup uses the same material as the rest of the trunks, but it’s double layered. Interestingly the perineal area is also double layered. The fabric is not as breathable as other materials but because of the shortness of these trunks, the heat is bearable. The seams are flat and there is no rubbing at all.


Our Views:

If you have read most of my reviews, I would say that I’m not a fan of trunks. Typically 4″ inseams trunks tend to roll up and create unnecessary heat which sucks for me because I sweat too much down there. However, these CK Ones did very well – I am surprised that they support my package and also has minimal heat produced. The inseams are so short that they don’t roll up and don’t cause any wedgies. The fabric is smooth to the skin. I was working out in these trunks this morning and yes, it soaked up my sweat and wick it away. I didn’t feel any stickiness at all. The pouch doesn’t stop our package from rubbing against your thighs, but I would say it’s minimal.



This trunks are great. Too bad this model is no longer sold in stores. I wonder if the newer model will do better. These are definitely better than the Microfiber stretch trunks I reviewed previously. Of all CK underwear I review, this one is the best for now. Will I buy them again? YES – I will buy another pair of the current model and see if they are the same or things have changed.

Your Views:

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I absolutely love these ones!! I wear them all the time! So comfortable


These look great on you!




The TBT is exactly my point! I miss the Boss Orange briefs, for me the best fitting underwear I‘ve ever found! Start trying to copy them, since Sewing became my hobby, but I didn‘t get it right…


I love my CK Ones. Most of my favorite underwear from the past 10 years have been CK trunks that are all discontinued. Glad to hear you liked them, too.

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