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Calvin Klein is well known for his underwear and they have stores just to sell you Calvin Kleins.  Many well known artist wears Calvin’s in their ads and there are tons of models, colours and  you name it.  These Calvin Klein Micro Stretch Trunk which has a tonal elastic waistband & microfiber stretch fabric combine for a comfortable, all day trunks style.  Let’s see how they measure up…



The model we are reviewing are the Micro Stretch trunks, but the micro stretch model do come in other forms.  As you see my other reviews are basically boxer reviews and rarely briefs, trunks or anything else more exotic.  The styling of these trunks are similar to the Under Armour ISO-Chill, where there is a jock cup (pouch) and two seams on the sides that go from the the top waist to the a little towards the back.  The material is a microfiber fabric which is quite shiny and a little cool to touch.   Because of the shine, it does reflect light and shows the contours and curves a bit.  This pair is black, so it’s less of an issue if you are shy to showoff.



The fit is has no compression at all.  They just fit and it does have a lower cut and because they are trunks they are shorter in the leg area.  Because of it being a trunk, it feels that they do ride up and create more fabric than necessary in the groin area.  The material is thick enough and stretchy which helps shape it to your body. The jock cup/pouch is great as there is no pressure on your boys and it does create some support for them.



The material is soft, smooth and shiny.  They are well made and the stitching is good.  The waistband is soft and just right in height – not too wide.  It does seem that these can last a very long time in many washes without losing shape.  The jock cup is not mesh at all, so it does not help your boys breath.  There is not fly, so you will have to go over the gate when you do you business. The seams around the perineal area is not flat at all. The stitching sticks out and rubs against my perineal area causing a lot of irritation. I could only wear this pair of underwear for a few hours and I gave up.


Our Views:

I’m not a big fan of trunks because of the short legging which typically rides up and creates wedgies or creates too much fabric in the groin area causing excessive heat.  The thickness and the use of polyester does make my body create more heat causing sweat.  It doesn’t wick away sweat or heat much so over a hot sunny day, you may not want to wear these.  Definitely you cannot use these for the gym.  There is support for your boys, but they don’t stop you them from bouncing around in your runs.  Plus too much heat does not make you comfy anyways. The seams in the perineal area irritates my skin badly.



I think this pair of trunks are good for a relaxing day with less activities.  They feel great at first, but as the day goes along it may not be as good for your package and your perineal area. They make your package hot and sweat.  Unfortunately, my package sweat a lot, so these are not for me.  Even if I can tolerate the sweat, I cannot tolerate the rubbing of the seams. They maybe my taste if they were made with cotton.


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Hey George great review, I’ve been going back and reading the older reviews and there are so many interesting pairs on here it’s awesome!

I really like calvin klein brand briefs cause their perfect for my size pecker and ballsack fits snug. I am wondering if you can go in to more detail about the pouch of these trunks as I might purchase them, in the likely event that i get a hardon or semi in these briefs will it stretch or will the pouch be uncomfortable and restrictive? throughout the day i get hard several times out of nowhere and I don’t like my penis to be restricted cause it’s not healthy.

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