Calvin Klein Micro Stretch 3-Pack Thong $45 USD for 3
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Calvin Klein is perhaps the most well-known brand in men’s fashion. They sell everything from casual socks to formal neckwear, but I’m focusing about midway between those. They offer all styles of underwear and truly have something for everyone. Their pieces are quality and stylish, but often serve more of an everyday purpose rather than something new and exciting.


This pair is all black with a contoured pouch and medium width waistband featuring ‘Calvin Klein’ all the way around and a non-removable tag. The string widens into a ‘Y’ shape where it meets the waistband.



These are a size medium (my normal size) and they fit well. The waistband is snug, but not tight. The pouch does not feel constricting on my average sized package. When sitting the string pulls from the bottom of the pouch to the waistband. There isn’t really anything else to them to fit or not fit.



88% polyester, 12% elastane. The pouch seams are all flat and well constructed. There is an overlapping seam on the back center of the waistband that lies relatively flat.


Our Views:

It’s been years since I’ve worn a pair of thong underwear. I can’t say that I was overly excited to take these for a spin. I like that it is something different, but I worried it would be constricting and uncomfortable. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how these feel. My initial impression really centered on the fabric string between my butt cheeks. I fully expected this sensation to be different and require some getting used to. That is definitely true. It instantly felt like a wedgie and I keep wanting to reach back and pull it out. After several hours I’m more accustomed to it, but I wouldn’t say it is positive. Perhaps with more time I would feel differently.
After about an hour I could really feel the pressure and rubbing on my perineum where the bottom of the pouch meets the string. It was rather uncomfortable and felt kind of like rug burn. There isn’t a large bunch of fabric there so I’m not sure what specifically is causing it. I tried lowering the waistband in the back hoping to lessen the tension, but the string kept riding up leaving excess just below the waistband while still pulling down below.
The pouch is actually pretty comfortable. It is contoured and fits my package well. There is not any extra fabric so a larger guy might feel squeezed. Everything stayed positioned well. I did get sweaty between my shaft and balls even though I don’t sweat much and the temps are cool right now. The fabric doesn’t breathe well, but the overall lack of fabric still makes them ‘cool’. Even though I was sweaty, they didn’t feel sticky or wet.
Finally, they were not uncomfortable during an erection. The material stretched sufficiently so I didn’t feel constricted. One downside is that as I grew the fabric started pulling away from my groin making my whole package visible. Apart from sticking straight out, there wasn’t anywhere else for my man to go. Pointing up put him straight through the waistband and fully exposed. I tried tucking to the side, but there wasn’t enough pouch fabric to cover him fully. I would say they’re not great if you either expect to become aroused or don’t want a boner to show.


Will I buy another one? No. I know some guys like the feel of a thong/string, but I am not one… at least yet. Paired with enough social pressure to not wear them in any setting where it could be seen (gym, changing room, bending over), I can’t see myself wearing these or any other thong style underwear regularly.


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The looking up view is the kind of honest photo that helps to understand how a thong strap will look and feel between my butt cheeks. I don’t think I would be comfortable with a thong strap wedgy in my butt. My wife wears them all the time and never complains about how they feel. Needless to say her ass looks hot as hell in a thong. I suppose a thong would make my ass look sexy too. Definitely for the bedroom and not at the gym!


The undershot is really illustrative, thanks for being brave enough to include that Lawrence!


My only question is how do you pee in these, do u go out the side or over the gate? My biggest pet peeve is going over the gate i prefer to use the fly or go out the side always, can u demonstrate how to take your dick out to pee in this thong??


Another fantastic review Lawrence. I applaud your bravery brother! Most guys won’t venture outside their comfort zone to try something different!

This thong is different than I was expecting, when you hear the word thing you think of a teeny tiny pouch and a thin string going up the back but these are actually super stylish!

Like you I probably wouldn’t get used to the feeling of a strap rubbing on my pereneum all day, that’s a sensitive area that’s hard to soothe if it does get irritated! From your underneath pic I can definitely get an idea how the string could be uncomfortable!

I have the same issue with boners in my jocks, flipping it up or to the side doesn’t hide much lol. Since we have about the same size penis these woudlnt hide mine either, you’re busting right out of there!

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