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Calvin Klein is well known for his underwear and they have stores just to sell you Calvin Klein underwear.  Many well known artist wears Calvin’s in their ads and there are tons of models, colors and  you name it.  This pair of Calvin Klein Fuse Stretch Boxer Briefs is one pair of Calvin Klein’s that are not in our Throwback series.  Wanted to see if there were any changes in CK underwear that would surprise me.  So how did these hold up?



These come in a pack of 2 and with the same color and I ordered black.  Black is a boring color, but according to our survey, most men prefer wearing black.  They do come in multiple colors like gray, dark blue, light blue, red, green and many others.  These boxer briefs are definitely for the conservative type and really great for the everyday man who doesn’t care much about the looks of their underwear.  The 1.25 inch waistband has Calvin Klein logo embossed in the same color, so with some reflection, you should be able to see the branding.  The waistband connection stitch ends at the back and does not have any special treatment.  The dark fabric does hide your bulge a bit so there is less worry of showing off anything when you are in them.



Overall, the fit of these are good.  I can feel the wrap around the legs to reduce the rolling of the legs (more about that later), but it’s also well fitted, so there is no loose fitting anywhere.



These are made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane.  This combination doesn’t change much in the everyday Calvin Kleins.  The 5% elastane does give the cotton some stretch – especially in the leg area.  The material is decent, I wouldn’t say they are very soft, and wouldn’t say they are rough.  Not good enough for me to say they are good, and not bad enough for me to complain about it.  One thing to complain about is the inside seams as they are not flat.  If you are a guy who likes to point up you may end up having the seams rubbing against your penis if you fall on either side.  All the seams are not flat, but they do have bias onto one side so that they still lay flat.  There is no seams in the butt area which is good because if it had a straight seam with this type of stitch through your butt crack, it may not feel good.  There is no fly on these boxer briefs, so you will need to go over the gate.  Overall, the construction is well made; however, the stitch does get some points knocked off.


Our Views:

I have reviewed a bunch of Calvin Klein underwear and some were good and some were not that good.  CK is a good brand with lots of choices for the everyday man.  No doubt about that since they do have large dedicated areas in their store selling underwear.  They do have a lot of collections and so much that it does confuse you a bit on which one is right for you.

At the first wear, it felt good with these boxer briefs.  The first thing I noticed was the leg opening was much tighter, but not tight enough for me to complain about it.  This hopefully will help reduce the roll up, but unfortunately, they still did roll up.  They rolled up a bit, but not enough for me to complain about it.  It didn’t end up being a pair of briefs and the fabric did not crunch up into the groin area.  You will just need to keep on pulling them down when you feel it’s the right time.

The pouch area does have some room for different sizes and has the standard support for normal day-to-day activities.   The seam stitch was the disappointing point.  If you point down, this shouldn’t be a problem.  If you are active and move a lot, there are chances where these seams will rub your skin and cause discomfort.

I had reviewed a lot of their trunks and didn’t like them.  I purposely picked boxer briefs to see if they help and these did do much better.  Overall, they were comfortable throughout the day and didn’t feel excessive heat in the area.



Will I buy again? No – Might need to replace with a premium collection from CK to see if those do any better.



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